Science Under 18 is back in attendance

Science Under 18 is back in attendance

The Science Under 18 Isontina Cultural Association is organizing, from May 19-21 (9-12 hours), the 2022 edition of the Science Under 18 Festival, which targets schools in the former province of Gorizia and beyond. A hybrid version has been proposed this year: found in Monfalcone and remotely on the web.

The aim is to enhance the activities and commitment of students and teachers in their school pathways, to make good science education practices produced in schools visible to all citizens and to promote youth interest in science studies and careers.

Thus Scienza Under 18 reaches its twelfth edition, with the cooperation and contribution of the municipality of Monfalcone, the sponsorship and support of the region, the sponsorship of the Carigo Foundation, the contribution of Cassa Rurale Fvg and donations from other entities. The festival is included in the European Maritime Day project.

What happens in existence. The appointment is at the Monfalcone Center, in the Piazza de la Republique, in the Palazzito Veneto, at the Youth Center for Youth Innovation and in the car park to climb to Rocca.

The event will open on Thursday 19 May at 9.30 in the Palazzo dell’ex Pretura in the presence of testimonials, some students from our region, winners of national and international scientific competitions (Isis Ziga Zois of Gorizia – national competition “Conoscere la Borsa” – and Isis Magreni Marchetti of Gimona Italian Mathematical Olympiad.

There are 16 schools present, from childhood to secondary schools, three of them in Trieste, one in Cervignano and one in Faggagna, with about 25 classes that will present about 40 exhibitions, including some workshops.

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In Piazza della Repubblica there will be student fairs and other science laboratories presented by schools, bodies and other associations such as Arpa Osmer, LaREA, Mare Fvg, the Environmental Society Eugenio Rosman, the Municipal Group for Civil Protection and Isis Buonarroti of Monfalcone.

The exhibition of the Scientific Photography Competition Scatti di Scienza and the final stage of the project proposed by Mare Fvg – Navigando 2021-2022 will be held in Palazzetto Veneto, and is part of the European program dedicated to the celebration of the world of the world. Sea (European Naval Day), with competition for model ships built by students of some high school classes: in direct connection from Rome, they will be tested within the Cnr Inm trading channel.

Also in the Palazzetto Veneto there will be an award ceremony for the sports competitions held on the occasion of Pi Greco Day and for the photography competition “Scatti di Scienza”, now in its sixth edition with more than 160 photos, with the intervention and remote commentary from the Milan State University of the President of the Jury.

There will also be two theatrical performances, always with a science theme, represented in the theater hall of the Youth Center for Youth Innovation (affiliated with Julia Division Middle School in Trieste and Buonarroti High School in Monfalcone), and the final performance of the Sports Dance School Club Diamante in Monfalcone. You will combine dance and science.

Two other groups of students will be able to benefit from guided visits to the shipyards and the Monfalcone Shipyard Museum.

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The event is free and admission is free and open to all citizens.

As every year, participants will be welcomed and supported during the visit by the service of guides / escorts prepared by students of Isis Bertini, the tourism address of Monfalcone.

Partners with an active role in the festival: Municipality of Monfalcone, Mare Fvg, Municipality of Fogliano Redipuglia, Isis Bem of Gradisca and Staranzano, Isis Galilei – Fermi – Pacassi of Gorizia, IC Gorizia1, IC with Slovenian language teaching from Gorizia, collaborations in addition to those Already mentioned: Monfalconese Cultural Consortium and Ecomuseum, Ute di Monfalcone.

What happens on the web. Several classes have produced and sent videos in which they briefly recount some moments from their science trips that were also made in the school while dad (more than 35 videos and e-book). These videos are interspersed with online science games produced by students of Isis Galilei – Fermi – Bakassi of Gorizia and Isis Beams. Marconi di Staranzano, edited, uploaded to the YouTube channel and linked to the festival web pages on the association’s website by the same students of the two schools as their teachers.

The festival dates will be visible to all those who visit Location of the SU18 Isontina

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