Barù and this unsettling response to Jessica Selassié at Island Party

Barù and this unsettling response to Jessica Selassié at Island Party

Last night, the seventeenth episode of Celebrity Island And as usual, the appointment with ilary plassi And the predecessor of the untouchables island party، Mediaset Infinity Format Valentina Barbieri And Ignazio Moser They comment on what is happening on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean, always in the company of different guests; Yesterday this assignment fell to the former Givino barrowrecently since opening his new restaurant in Milan, Also attended by David Silvestri, Giocas Cassella and the Princesses.

Barrow revealed that he would be a perfect outcast on Celebrity Island due to his passion for nature and his skill at fishing:

It was better to do La Isola than Big Brother. Unfortunately, I agreed to do it and did it, I’ve given it to now. I have always grown up in the extremes of nature, have always gone hunting and have always eaten for ourselves. If you throw me in a forest or on a beach, I live. But let’s hope I earn well and don’t have to do more reality shows. It’s obviously an economic issue, if Mediaset had the right budget… I’d just share it Jukasbut he already made the island.

barrow Then he tried his hand at a particular game: from the moment last night was a special episode dedicated to island puzzles, Valentina And Ignatius I decided to test the former competitor of the Gf Vip 6 with the game The Pixelated Vippone, He was shown several pictures of Viponi for him to guess.

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Among the pictures shown barrow You can’t miss it from Jessica SelassieWhich previous Vippone commented as follows:

This is my ex-girlfriend over there Jessica. I mean my ex, I don’t know, maybe we’re still engaged, nobody knows. There is a big mystery behind this thing.

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