June 7, 2023

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Territory Geomatics, the science that processes geographical data to reconstruct the shape and structure of a territory

The City Hall SIT office will present current functionality, design capabilities, future developments under construction, and some specific use cases. In particular, analyze the area in relation to the perceived risk in the historical center

From Monday 20 to Friday 24 June, Genoa will host the National Conference on Geomatics and Geographical Information: a moment of discussion between professionals and technicians on the potential of computer processing in the region and on the use of specific technical tools and the exchange of good practices, an opportunity to introduce non-experts to this science, which processes geographical data to reconstruct the shape of The structure of the territory in all its aspects.

Organized by ASITA (Scientific Associations for Regional and Environmental Information), this edition of the conference focuses on green and digital transformation, a process that can be supported by technology, in the context of business-science collaboration to support improved innovation policies.

The Municipality of Genoa is a partner in the event and will participate in the moments of discussion open to the public by presenting ideas and tools for the administration of the territory, available to the administration and to educate the citizen.

Works will open on Monday, June 20th at the Palazzo Tursi Acting Hall, with a focus on Geomatics for the Green and Digital Transition.

2:30 p.m. begins with interventions by the authorities, federation presidents, and the president of the ASETTA Scientific Council.

This is followed by representatives of the activities of the regions, professional associations and exhibitors

Coordinated by Monica Sipilo, President of ASITA

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Then we move on to the plenary session, on the topic of Blue Interaction – a synergistic approach in the marine and coastal ecosystem. It is administered by Domenico Sgerso, University of Genoa.

Tuesday, June 21 at 2 pm, the appointment will be in the Imperial Hall of the Palazzo della Meridiana where, as part of the session devoted to geomatics applied to knowledge and the preservation of cultural heritage, the SIT office will show how, starting in 1945, geographical services for the citizen, have also been used To spread contemporary architecture in Genoa.

On the 11th on Wednesday 22nd June, in the Novecento room of the Palazzo della Meridiana, the SIT office for the Municipality of Genoa will present current functions, design possibilities, future developments under construction and some specific use cases. In particular, analysis of the territory in relation to the perceived risk in the historical center of Genoa.

At two o’clock in the afternoon we will move to the Imperial Hall to show the municipality and the university the three-dimensional reconstruction of the city of Genoa and the city of Genoa in the nineteenth century, through historical analysis.