Do not eat these four cans

Do not eat these four cans

the Canned goods Allow food to be stored and preserved in it Good Condition For months and even years, in addition to allowing… Fast preparation Of improvised dishes. However, this type of product Packed They can also become a worker Danger For consumer health. This is what many warn about Expertswho identified four types offood Canned goods that, according to daily notifications, They should not be consumed often repetition.

to’Global Health Organization (OMS) connects eating this Cold meats Made from pork with a higher risk of having cancer. This is mainly due to its high content of Saturated fat I Extras Which includes these foods

Although it is true that vegetables They are a source Nutritional It is very important for the body, and experts recommend not eating it Canned goodswhere they are also usually mixed Processed meatWhich is associated with an increased risk of disease heart and blood vesselsIn addition to saturated fats and other ingredients unhealthy.

These fruits are dipped in it Liquids With high levels of Sucrewhich may affect regulation Glucose In the blood, and thus contributes to diseases such as Diabetes s obesity.

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