Science or pure farce? Maurice de Hond

Science or pure farce?  Maurice de Hond

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On May 11, 2020, in the NTR “Kennis van Nu” program, it was explained what the 1.5-meter distance is based on. SARS 1 broke out from the air in 2003 and apparently spread through the air. When you watch the video, you realize how farce it was and how misleading we were.

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NTR program 1.5 meters away

Coincidentally, I saw a short (4 min) video I made in mid-May 2020 after a TV broadcast of NTR “From Kennis van NU”. He explained where the 1.5 meter distance rule comes from. The theory was confirmed on a plane to Schiphol, where the professor is. Fritz Roosendaal, professor of clinical epidemiology, came to explain. There was a severe outbreak of SARS on a flight from Hong Kong to Beijing in 2003. One person infected more than 20 other passengers.

The plane showed where that person was sitting and where the other injured passengers were also injured.

When I watched this show in May 2020, I fell off a chair in astonishment. Now that I think about it two years later, I can only consider it a farce. And a perfect illustration of how a smart (and very likable) guy literally can’t see what’s happening right in front of his eyes.

His last sentences, in particular, are characteristic of how the vast majority of experts around the world approach their own doctrines, as evidenced by this WHO report at the time.

Unfortunately, there are still significant traces of it. For example, I read a briefing from a researcher at TNO, who will also discuss ventilation in the House on Monday. If you read it Then you feel that this man is not following the evolution of the world.

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Teacher. Dr. Roosendaal responded when asked about him and I respect him very much. He says ventilation is important. But since he doesn’t distance himself from his sayings, I’m posting the video. Not to tease him, but just to show how dogma makes you not want to or can’t see what’s really going on.

It’s the video.

And this is the plane of the plane in question, which will serve as a base to stand 1.5 meters away. Person X injured 20 other passengers. The circle is 1.5 meters around the X. The green is the distance (5.5 meters) to the farthest rider.

But the Dutch still refuse to admit that the vast majority of infections are caused by inhaling virus particles over a period of time. And this is through a Delta plane ventilation Corona and influenza outbreaks will be significantly reduced.

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