Invasive plants: a threat to biodiversity about which very little is known

Invasive plants: a threat to biodiversity about which very little is known

The ecosystems that surround us are no longer the same and are often disturbed by their proliferation invasive plants. Scientists Aware of the threat, however to define This phenomenon is difficult. Someone tried to assess the situation study Published in environmental applicationsBut the picture is not encouraging. The Unresolved issues They are, in fact, much more than those for which we have accurate data.

Study of invasive plants

A team of researchers recently thought about how invasive plants spread around the world University of Massachusetts Amherst. The researchers tried to do Point on what is currently known about invasive species and, above all, what they are Issues to be resolved to reach one Management effective for the problem. For the work, the team considered a group of 5,893 studies. The oldest of them dates back to 1959. This made it possible to paint a fairly clear picture for the first time Inclusivebut it turned out that unknown There is still a lot. Scientists, for example, have not even been able to accurately define how much is it Invasive plant species exist in the world.

What do we know about invasive plants?

The study showed that science is far from defining the status of invasive plants. Work detection 3,008 vegetables of this kind in the world. According to the models, the invasive species on the planet are at least present 4,721. Identity 1713 remains a unified object mystery. there conflict This is probably due to a marked asymmetry in the analyses. For example, there is an abundance of data for regions like North America, but the same is not true for central and southern the continent or for Africa. a maps drawing Global, which would be a key tool to contain the spread, and therefore remains useless.

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What do I do?

Containing the spread of invasive plants is now a priority, but much work remains to be done. In order to develop effective strategies, it is essential to understand Which are dangerous species, How expanded its scope of work and in any times The invasion took place. What is certain is that offIntroduction A new dangerous organism represents the best plan. trade f Globalisation However, the project is complicated because human activities They are mainly responsible for modifications, often in a completely non-existent way deliberate. The Climate change exacerbates the picture. In fact, native plants are being replaced by exotic plants because they are Environmental conditions Change and start favoring the latter.

Accurate understanding of a file dynamics that lead to the uncontrolled spread of invasive plants is critical. In fact, aggressive species permanently destroy ecosystems by altering them balance and generate a Effect domino Which also economically affects the population that depends on nature. What shocked the scientists most was that despite their efforts, the numbers seemed to keep increasing.

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