Regional contributions to 15 schools in Granda to advance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines

Regional contributions to 15 schools in Granda to advance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines

I’m well 60 first-cycle schools Who will receive from the territory the contributions allocated by the tender for development So-called science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majorsWhich includes science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Their reception will be 2 schools in the district of Alessandria (one of them equal), 5 in the district of Asti, 3 in the district of Biella, 15 in the district of Cuneo, 2 in the district of Novarese, 29 (of which 6 are equal) in the metropolitan city of Turin, 2 in the district of Verbano, 2 in the district Vercelli.

the First grade schools in Granda who will receive the grant for Study years 2022-23 and 2023-24 They are: Instituto Cuneo Oltrestura (8000€), Revello (8000€), Barge (8000€), “Federico Sacco” from Fossano (8000€), “Pope John XXIII” Savigliano (8000€), Cuneo Viale Angeli (3716 €), Bra 2 (8,000 €), “Giosué Carducci” by Busca (8,000 €), Villanova Mondovì (8,000 €), “Attilio Momigliano” by Ceva (6,170 €), Cuneo Corso Soleri (7,870 €), “ Leonardo da Vinci “in Verzolo (7971 euros),” Sobrero “in Cavaliermaggiore (7507.92 euros), Mondovi 2 (6504.40 euros) and Chiusa Besio-Bifragno (6516 euros).

“It is a mistake to consider some subjects accessible to a few – claims the Regional Adviser for Education and Employment Elena Chiorino – Today more than ever It is necessary to stimulate, from the first years of school, a passion for technical and scientific subjects To prepare our students to be ready to face the most complex challenges required by modern society and the world of work. In that spirit, for the next two years I wanted to insert a call within the training offer, dedicated exclusively to STEM majors with an investment 460 thousand euros. A significant commitment of resources so that the ‘STEM workforce’ aligns with corporate requirements, increasing the talent pool that our youth represent.”

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The activities included in the call relate to interdisciplinary and formal learning and conceptual advancement through technology and information technology. Establishing laboratories based on teaching methods and active and experiential teaching is expected to stimulate critical thinking, interdisciplinarity, creativity in problem-solving, investigative capacity, and active participation of the whole class. The activities will develop over two years to ensure educational continuity and in-depth study of the contents.

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