“Science” intervenes ▷ “Look at this scene by Toto and you will understand a lot about the mechanism of persuasion”

“Science” intervenes ▷ “Look at this scene by Toto and you will understand a lot about the mechanism of persuasion”

you again? But weren’t we supposed to see each other anymore?
That’s right, after a two-year pandemic period, it’s back to being a ‘science’ to explain to us why, given bills and the ongoing war (some might talk speculation), getting a lower home grade isn’t. Only true, but also desirable: “Living at 19 degrees is not a drama, they can lose excess weightWe read on the Messenger.
And again: “Air conditioning makes you fat: Surprising scientific research explains why.”
Understood? Science says so! Everyone should save, given that of the day—with what timing, then—science tells us it’s good for the body (who knows if it doesn’t stimulate the mind, other studies are likely in progress).

However, there are also those who remain skeptical about the question and accountability of such research: it is not so scientific as the philosophers. Yes, for it is intriguing, indeed, how after a questionable and unpopular governmental decision or line, His Majesty’s flag always reaches to dispel any doubts. It never means that any research on the efficacy of some anti-inflammatories against Covid comes with a certain timing, and there never is a study on the benefits offered to psychosomatic health by living a few degrees more.
A strange age, the age when science always confirms the decisions of power‘ sums up the philosopher Diego Fusaro.

But to understand the compatibility of science, you don’t need to study: just go back to the cult scene from 1961, where the legendary Toto sells the world’s most famous fountain to an inexperienced Italian-American tourist. Comedy of the curtain aside, deception finds its true turning point in a defining moment: when partner Nino Taranto (Camillo) arrives to legitimize those who at first seemed to the gullible Italian-American tourist merely outings.

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