Scalvini scores. Do not believe Ibrahim’s mistake

Scalvini scores.  Do not believe Ibrahim’s mistake


48′ – First half ends

Forty-eight minutes full of emotions at the Olympics. The first half ended after three minutes of injury time allowed by Chevy. Atalanta in the lead, Rome a waste and not too cynical in front of goal.


47 ‘- Another chance for Ibrahim

A new opportunity for Ibrahim Inside the penalty area after the assist pilgrims This time he finds the door but not the network. To the right of the English language Sportello Enable the deviation of the angle. Four chances for Roma in the last five minutes of the first half.


41′ – Ibrahim misses in front of the goal

Incredible mistake by Tammy Abraham Face to face with Sportiello. Perfectly fired on the counterattack by Pellegrini, the striker’s heart in the area in front of the goalkeeper does not find the door with Low shot but the ball ends wide Between Kafr Olympico. A minute later, Ibanez threw the ball at Sportello with a shot in the penalty area.


35′ – Atalanta goal with Scalvini

Atalanta in the lead thanks to the network Scalvini. Hateboer from the right managed to find the central incursion of the Nerazzurri cannon which didn’t bother him The right foot managed to put the ball low At the corner of Rui Patricio’s door. Kristanti Matic They came out of the center and left Scalvini free to kick the goal.


28′ – Maehle warned, Cristante doesn’t frame the door

Comes the first warning Maehle Coming late Mancini. On the front change Kristanti From the edge of the box trying truly This is very stifling, It ends weakly away from the Sportiello door.



20′ – Roma, Olympique protests with Chevy

Another reproach cycle. Quick resume for Roma: Abraham halfway rounds the ball for Zaniolo’s shot, but De Ron extends Giallorossi 22. Chevy whistles but does not punish The player in yellow: all of Rome stood on the bench to protest, until the 61 thousand Olympiacos whistled the referee’s decision to “pardon” the Atalanta midfielder.


17′ – Roma pushes, Mo asks for yellow

Rome presses in search of preference. The serious Giallorossi restarts, but de Rhône extends Pellegrini in acceleration, in front of the Giallorossi’s seat. The Roma captain looks to Chevy for a warning, as well as Mourinho, who is protesting the lack of a penalty.


7′ – Atalanta vs Demiral Musso: goalkeeper replacement

bad game clash Who will Demiral affect Musso? On exit: The goalkeeper stays on the ground for a few minutes and then has to replacing


1′ – The game begins

Kick-off beat by Roma who immediately tried to attack. Corner kick for the Gilorossi, header Smalling It ends high above the crossbar.


Rome – Atalanta, Dybala outside. play matic

Paulo Dybala will not play the game for a start. The Argentine, after a few minutes of warming up on the pitch, went to the dressing room with a member of Mourinho’s staff: he will play in his place. matic holderwith Pellegrini who will rise to the role of a playmaker. For Dybala a left muscle nuisance, the Argentine is sitting in the stands.

Rome (3-4-2-1): Rui Patricio Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez; Selleck, Cristante, Matic, Spinazzola; Pellegrini, Zaniolo; lbrahim.

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Rome and Atalanta in the field to keep warm

Both teams are on the field to warm up before the match. More than 60 thousand Olympiques roared as the Giallorossi entered the field, applause from Bergamo for Gasperini’s team of about two hundred.


Mourinho, the best coach in August

Shortly before kick-off, Jose Mourinho received the coach’s award in August. The award was awarded by the jury It consists of sports newspaper managers who have evaluated individual coaches on the basis of technical sports and the game quality standards expressed by their teams, as well as
Conduct/fair play during competitions.


Roma-Atalanta, official line-ups

Rome (3-4-2-1): Rui Patricio Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez; Selleck, Cristante, Pellegrini, Spinazzola; Dybala, Zaniolo. lbrahim.
Available: Boer, Svilar, Matic, Belotti, Shomurodov, Vina, Camara, Bove, Zalewski, Volpato, Tripi, Faticanti.
Attached. Jose Mourinho

Atlanta (3-4-2-1): Musso. Toloy, Demiral, Scalvini; Hateboer, de Roon, Koopmeiners, Maehle; Basalek, Ederson; Hoglund.
Available.: Rossi, Sportiello, Okoli, Morell, Boga, Lookman, Malinowski, Ruggeri, Sobe.
Attached. Gian Piero Gasperini


Rome, diesel start-up for Abraham

Tammy Abraham He scored the same number of goals last season in Serie A after six matches (two): in fact, only 21% of his goals were scored in the competition before November (four out of 19).


Roma is looking for goals

there Roma is improving in the standings but falling behind in goals scored. Mourinho is studying the best strategy to give more coolness and sarcasm to his attackers. Roma has one more point (13 vs 12) compared to the first six games played in the last tournament, but it’s important Score fewer goals (eight against 14) e Fewer goals conceded (six versus eight) compared to last year.

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Rome is looking for the trio

Mourinho is looking for three of the same kind against him Atalanta. Roma have actually won the last two matches of the tournament against Bergamo, and failed to reach three successive successes from the 2009-2011 period, with Claudio Ranieri and Luis Enrique on the bench. At the same time, Roma is also looking for consecutive triple victories after the successes against him Empoli And the Helsinki.


Where do you see Roma Atalanta on TV

The match this afternoon between Rome and Atalanta It will be visible on the Dazn platform or alternatively on Sky 214 “Zona Dazn”, through the app on Sky Q. Comment will be edited by Riccardo Manciniwith technical commentary by Simon Terebucci. Kick-off at 18.

4:00 pm

Love Bath at Olympico

Rome is ready to challenge Atalanta Incredible support from the fans. More than 60 thousand Romanians They will be in the stands to support the team and propel it to victory: today is the fifth off-season sale at the Olympique.

Rome – Olympic Stadium

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