Experts discuss infectious diseases in Barcelona

Experts discuss infectious diseases in Barcelona

Barcelona hosted one of the most important medical conferences in the world, and what it covers Infectious diseases. This edition of ESCMID Global has been a great success Attendance RecordWith the participation of 18,000 participants, and increasing interest among the medical and scientific community, especially after the conference Covid-19 pandemic. the Antibiotic resistant bacteriaimpact Climate change in disease transmission that day HIV treatment were the main topics of the meeting.

Resistant bacteria pose a major threat to public health

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has long concerned scientists and has become one of the most important Global threats to public health. Therefore, alternatives are being sought to combat it. Switzerland is one of the places on the planet where an experimental test is being worked on that could solve this so-called problem Battery phage.

Researcher Roberto Sierra, from the University Hospitals and the University of Geneva, shared at this conference the potential they have: “Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria without affecting human cells, and in the laboratory we saw how they can do this.” Controlling populations of multi-resistant bacteria“, explains Sierra. The meeting helped him connect personally with researchers in his field and strengthen research relationships.

A doctor and microbiologist from New Delhi, Anusha Rathi, was also able to form alliances. At this conference, he presented the results of his research. “The world is opening its eyes to infectious diseases more and more Companies decide to invest in research, such as airlines. This allows us Accelerate diagnosis and prevent infection“.

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It does not escape anyone's attention that the Covid-19 pandemic was the turning point for enhancing research in this field. Jesús Rodriguez, conference organizer and former president of the European Society for Infectious Diseases, warns that… We must be prepared for a new epidemicEspecially from a medical standpoint. “We have researchers from all countries of the world, and it is about cooperation and finding solutions to all the problems that arise every day.”

They recommend a booster dose of the whooping cough vaccine after cases quadruple

According to data from the National Center for Epidemiology, during the first ten weeks of the year, 8,260 cases of this infectious disease were diagnosed.

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