Science, health and meaningless words

nI don’t know if I am right in remembering that epidemics have accompanied and will accompany the history of human society. We are, after all, food reserves for many organisms. However, these details seem to disappear when it comes to this latest epidemic which is, according to many people, an invention.

I don’t know if those who attribute a funny value to Covid claim that Spanish was also an invention. or the plague. or cholera. Perhaps they consider them real pestilences, not because of their effect on corpses, but because Bill Gates was not yet born, though a great banker in the time of the Spaniards was in vogue, John Pierpont Morgan, who would have been able to teach tram lessons to all the world Bill Gates . Thus, having not yet been born the formidable elites, these Illuminati of modern capitalism, in the time of the Spaniards there were no conditions for the emergence of the great conspiracies whose victims we are today.

Good times when there were no conspiracies and no strong and complex health system!

Health care, at the time of true epidemics, was in fact a system of barracks, with limited scientific knowledge (certainly that which existed at the time) and with few medicinal tools. Big Pharmas wasn’t born like this, and for more reasons, people lived and died (much before that) without being poisoned by pills or contaminated by vaccinations. In fact, I remember Aunt Lee, who was born in that golden age, had polio turning her right leg into a toothpick and that my mother’s mother, a poor Gudicina family, lost three children out of nine, with a contribution from pneumonia and infection meninges; My father’s mother had thirteen children, all of them were born alive and of childbearing age (genetic target is not neglected), but she lived in the countryside, the diet was better and she was very good. It may also depend on chromosomes.

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There were those who succeeded, but there were those who did poorly. There were those who would have needed medication and others less. this is life.

Little by little things changed: in 1899, after experiments (the first ever), Bayer introduced aspirin to the market, in 1928 Fleming opened the way to antibiotics and in 1951 the foundations for the contraceptive pill were laid (in 1963 in the America employs more than two million women.

Medicines are growing because the demand for them is increasing: The shareholders, in what will be the big pharmaceutical companies, are people who use aspirin and antibiotics and want to have sex without having children. We all grow Big Pharma’s revenue when we take acetaminophen, Tavor, Valium, Okay, and company.

Law 883 of December 23, 1978 did not kill Spider-Man but established the National Health System: Was this the foundational act of the health dictatorship?

Did most Italian citizens who used the NHS during their lives feel vulnerable to dictatorship when they entered the emergency room, when they took blood pressure tablets? Did he decide in a democratic way with his surgeon how to intervene in the heart valve?

Did the millions of males who took Viagra do so under the threat of Pfizer’s guns? Or did they view the NHS as an opportunity that most of the world’s population would envy? I think they felt it was an essential achievement for all those who pay taxes, as a place where we entrust life to so many professionals who do very complex work.

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I use less aggressive (alternative) medications for minimal body maintenance. But when I take out a tooth, I listen to the claim to take antibiotics. I do not suffer from a dictatorial act: I change behavior on the basis of risk.

The 50 largest big pharma in the world with a turnover of $851 billion in 2020. The first is J&J and the second is Roche. In the previous year, the revenues of the 5 largest oil companies amounted to $ 2.662 billion. Three times the turnover of Big Pharma. Oil companies have, for decades, paid journalists and scientists to support environmental denial. But the vast majority of the scientific community understands that climate change exists and has not bowed to the big oil companies. Science is equipped with methods, checks, data comparison, and the possibility of repeating experiments. It’s much safer than churches, witches, and daydreamers (all good things, except for emergencies). It could get better, of course.

Of course, it can get worse.

But only if the society it expresses goes crazy. Only if irrationality prevails, which collects meaningless words. As a healthy dictatorship…

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