Science Festival in Monfalcone, students of all ages in the Arena • Il Goriziano

Science Festival in Monfalcone, students of all ages in the Arena • Il Goriziano

Thirteenth edition of Under 18 Science Festival. The school’s scientific knowledge opens up to the city and will include students from kindergarten to high school. The possibility that students are given by this event – is words Mayor Ana Maria Ciscent – very important. Schools will also have the opportunity to develop relationships and collaborate with companies.” The opening of the event is scheduled for Thursday 18 May at 9.30, in the hall of the building of the former Magistrates’ Court in Piazza della Repubblica.

The event will be attended by Mauro Pacheto, the champion of the region Chemistry games Isis Pim Agraria of Gradisca; Alessio Siscardi, Cristian Iello and Giorgio Palmieri, students of industrial art title in Staranzano and winners of the national competition “Move your thoughts” organized by Unione interporti reunite. There will also be tree species botanical competition winners Lorenzo Totaro, Martina Musetti and Sebastiano Toscani; Then Matteo Sizzi and Riccardo Pica, who qualified for the national competitions in the Computer Science Olympiad and entered the BEM electronics department.

At the conclusion of the interventions, the choir of students of grades 3A and 3B of the Cesare Battisti Primary School in Monfalcone will perform, with the direction of Teacher Sabrina Moretti. This version will be completely face to face – that’s the lyrics President Juliana Candosio – Our goal is to bring the school and the students to the city.” The events will take place between Piazza della Repubblica, Palazzetto Veneto and Teatro Comunale. There will be exhibitions, projects, activities, games and experiences brought by many students of different age groups. There are 25 participating schools that will participate with 90 classes.

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There will be 70 activities to be developed. There will be not only schools but also many organizations and associations with their platforms such as Arpa Osmer, Ignazio Zanutto Club of Legambiente and Region, Mare Fvg, Isa Ambiente, Eugenio Rosmann Association, Municipal Civil Protection and Fidas Isontina. to Palazzetto Veneto in Via Sant’Ambrogio, will be allocated space for the exhibitions “Scatti di Scienza” sponsored by Scienza Under18 Isontina and “Creabilmente” by the Ascoli School of Gorizia. Among the various proposals, on Friday 19 May there will be a section dedicated to ‘Theatre, Education and Science’ from 3 to 5.15pm.

In this space it will be possible to appreciate theatrical performances of primary and secondary school children in Gradisca, Gorizia, Monfalcone and San Canzian. There will also be an award ceremony for students who participated in the Mathematics Olympiad on the occasion of Pegirico Day and dance performances for female mathematics. Diamond Club Which, on Saturday the 20th at 11, with the show “The Future Is Now!” They will close the festival. A nice novelty for this edition will feature the participation in the Cisi Basso Isontino User Festival who will present a project dedicated to the use of paper and the art of recycling.

Guests of Cisi di Motta di Livenza will take part in the workshop. “Thank the teachers – are the words Alberto Bergamine, President of the Carigo Foundation – who labored for months to produce such a system project which should be a promise of it in its entirety without neglecting any aspect. It is essential for us to support young people who will be involved in the activities organized in a cross-sectional and interdisciplinary manner. This is a model that must be maintained, and a guiding star for the future.” He was also present at this morning’s meeting Education consultant Tiziana Maiorito who called the festival “a masterpiece for the whole city”.

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“The arena will finally be filled with student heroes,” said Maiorito. During the festival, the participants will be welcomed and supported on the itinerary of the visit by a service of guides and escorts prepared by the students of ISIS Pertini, from the Monfalcone Tourism Branch. The official partners of this event are the municipal administration, andIsis Beam from Gradisca and Staranzano and Galilei-Fermi-Pacassi from Gorizia. Science under 18 is carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Monfalcone, with the support of the District, the Io sono Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Carigo Foundation and the Bcc of Staranzano and Villesse.

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