Italian Athletics Federation

Italian Athletics Federation

December 10, 2022

Track test with the impressive crossover of the Carriage Gallery in Castello della Mandrea, race test, technical conference on the benefits of the crossover: a Saturday of great anticipation

Saturday Village La Mandria Park It lives between suggestion, expectation, and the science of training. eve European Cross Country Championships It is the perfect time for all teams to “taste” the course that tomorrow will award the 13 titles of titles (individual, team and medley relay) in the return of the Continental Championship to Italy after six years of Chia, and in very similar to that expected for Sunday of the race. Yeman Crippa uses the adjective “difficult” in the English-language press conference to describe the path, but a path Royal Vinaria It’s suggestive too, and for Continental Cross axes it’s a nineteenth-century dive: the passage in the Galleria delle Carrozze, a handful of centimeters from nine transports more than a century ago inside the Castello della Mandria, makes Eurocross a time machine.

General tests – Saturday, the day before but also a test: very early in the afternoon, a test contest takes over the task of checking all the procedures related to the celebration that will take place tomorrow, from the moment of opening to the award ceremony with many national anthems to the seal, to check according to the timing of the event. The impression, for those who pass in the park, is that they are really witnessing a small European championship: the protagonists of this taste are the 28 athletes, divided by lot into “national” teams, who take part in a test over the distance that tomorrow will see the under-20 competition girls. The winners? Luciano Spittoli and his student, Elena Abellonio (Italian champion in the 3000m category), usually fly the flag of Athletica Alessandria and Athletica Alba but today, for one day, the representatives of the French national team and Spain.

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Why cross? – put a question mark in English (“Why cross country?”) in view of the international caliber of the designation, is the name of the conference organized by the Italian Athletics Federation and hosted by the Teatro Concordia in Venaria Reale the previous afternoon. The conference was presented (and also by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Gianfranco Lucci and by the head of the regional authority for the Royal Parks, Luigi They chatted) by Antonio Blue Art Director tower (“Cross represents Europe’s first opportunity to reverse the trend in which high-altitude athletes are dominating, let’s not forget that a segment dedicated to racing on the lawns has always been present on the preparatory track for Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett”) and through boss Vidal Stefano miwho recalled through his words a decisive moment in his sporting past: “I love cross-country and I remember with great pleasure winning the individual third place at the 1982 World Cup in Rome in the under-20 category. Italy was great: with Francesco Panetta and Salvatore Nicosia, we were in Second place in the teams. It was the first time that the Ethiopians had raced, and they looked great to us, and it was an honor to be put among them. For me, this result is worth more than the 1986 European Championships on the track.

I agree with the idea that cross-country running could become an Olympic discipline.

It is a seminar primarily intended for technicians, with interventions by Yeman Crippa instructor, Massimo Pegorettiwho compares his experience with the European 10.000 champion with that of Jenny pastureOlympic runner-up Kelly Hodgkinson coach. Among the technicians are also two highly experienced trainers like Nikola selvage and Renato Canova (On the topic of neuromuscular aspects of endurance) and Massimo witty and Frederick Presto (in terms of functional tests for resistance tests), but also two great champions in the past such as European marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe (Live from Manchester) and a nine-time European gold among Serhi’s promoters LapidJacob’s point of view Larsena reference point in world athletics in the field of organization and events, in the future prospects of lawn running.

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Cesar Rizzi

He lives – European Cross Piedmont 2022 will be broadcast live on Sunday 11th December at RaiSport+ HD From 10.15 to 13.40 and can also be seen in the live broadcast on Ray Play.

Contest program
9:35 am – Men’s U-20s (6km)
10:03 – Women’s U-20 (4 km)
10:30 – Mixed Relay (4 x 1.5 km)
11:30 – Men under 23 (8 km)
12:03 – Women under 23 (6 km)
12:33 – Senior Women (8 km)
13:10 – Senior Men (10 km)

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Massimo Pegoretti’s speech at the conference

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