Live broadcast – Lecce – Juventus 0-3, science concludes the match

Live broadcast – Lecce – Juventus 0-3, science concludes the match

90’+1 – Up to 7 minutes of recovery decided by the referee.

90′- Just waiting for the recovery report.

86′ – Trace Juve with the flag!! Bagnoco’s cross from the left, an excellent addition to Sinza, who hit the ball past Lecce’s goalkeeper without any chance. The game is closed.

85′ – Fix it!! The first attempt from outside the penalty area, the ball is wide of the goal.

84′- Turku leaves Juventus, and enters Savio. As well as science in the field replaced Vaca.

83′- Changes in Lecce: the departure of Jimu and Adewale, the entry of Codor and Casalongo.

81′ – Juve goal, Angeli!! Brilliant play from Vaca, who cuts across the field and then sends in for Sardock, and is so good at supporting Angeli that he can’t go wrong with an empty net. 2-0!!

80′- The last 10 minutes of the game, excluding stoppage time, Juventus are 1-0 ahead of Lecce.

74′- Angeli tries to prepare for his response and closes the Lecce defense for a corner kick.

71′- Two changes in the ranks of Lecce: the departure of Daka and Johnson, the entry of Agrimi and Lukoki.

69′- The match was stopped again for the second cooling off break of the match.

68′- Lecce who will now inevitably have to unearth the tie.

66′- Sardok, the goal of Juve!! The Croatian striker, with a pass from Gil, passed Pascalao and then kicked the ball and put the ball into the opposite post. 1-0 Juventus!!

65′- Eagle!! Excellent result from a free kick at the near post, and very good for Fynarczyk at clearing the ball from the top corner.

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64′- Oso can’t do it, and Montero inserts Floria in his place.

62′- Oso suffers from convulsions, and the Juve medical staff enters the field.

59′- A change in Juve: instead of Peggy, the Croatian Srdok will go.

57′- Uso falls in the Lecce penalty area, the referee sees nothing abnormal and continues playing.

56′- Juventus advance in search of the opening goal.

52′- Change in Lychee: Samik leaves, Gromek enters.

51′- Vaca booked in the ranks of Juve in protest.

49′- Lecce’s chance!! An intriguing cross from the right, Johnson, alone in the area, was unable to step in on the ball for a while.

47′- A very bad free kick from Voltorar, a goal kick for Juve.

12:05 – The shooting starts!!

12:04 – Both teams were on the field at the start of the second half.

45’+5 – End of the first half: 0-0 between Lecce and Juventus after the first 45 minutes of the match. A balanced game overall, with the Salento side having two good chances to take the lead at the end of the half.

45’+4 – Fix!! Long shot from distance, wide shot.

45’+4 – Juventus is trying to reduce the difference in attack.

45’+1 – 5-minute recovery.

45′- In the last minute of play in the first half, we’ll see if there will be a recovery.

42′- An attempt from outside the area by Voltorar to forget a goal kick for Juve.

41′- Stefano Turco suffers from a nosebleed after colliding with an opponent: the Juventus medical staff enters the field, but nothing serious for the boy.

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39′ – Johnson!! The striker receives the ball, Bruno Martínez crosses and shoots, even if from a tight angle: Vinarsek counters it very well on the way out.

37′ – McGannette!! An excellent opportunity for Lecce, the Irishman hits the empty net after a misunderstanding between Finarcik and the Juventus defense. In the end, it is Torcu who saves his team by blocking the shot with his body.

36′- Lecce’s corner, Domanico is very good at clearing the area in a difficult situation.

33′- Dhaka!! Treacherous header from Johnson’s cross, high ball.

31′- After half an hour of play, the score is still 0-0 between Lecce and Juventus.

29′ – Tomorrow!! Corner development: unstable coordination, high ball.

28′- Peggy tries to get around the borders of the penalty area and falls to the ground, the referee does not recognize the details of the error. Corner for Juventus.

27′- He starts playing again, and the boys have calmed down somehow.

25′- The game has stopped due to a cooling outage.

24′- Vulturar fell, but the captain of Lecce immediately got up and resumed play.

21′- A great cross from Bagnoco breaks away from the Lecce defence.

20′- Jill tries from a distance to develop a very high corner ball.

19′- Anghelè earns a good corner kick for Juve.

17′- Jimo tries to take advantage of a long ball and slips between the center of Juve and is good at closing.

14′- Juve’s attack is stopped by the referee due to Toriko’s offside: a penalty for Lecce.

13′- Pascalao booked for Lecce, the first yellow card in the match.

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11 ‘- A cross looking for Daka, a very long ball for the Lecce striker. Juve starts again.

8′- Juve, who started the game well, often play in Lecce’s half.

7′- Turko tries to push into the middle and pushes away the Salento defence.

4′- 3 corners in a row for Juve, and nothing was done for the Bianconeri.

2′- Gimu’s vertical kick closes the Juve defence.

11:00 – Let’s go!!

10:59 – Lecce’s official squad:

Lecce: Lampinen, Addo, Pascalao, Samic, McGannett, Voltorar, Munoz, Daka, Adewale, Johnson, Jimu. Available Herceg, Casalonghi, Baxter, Gromek, Agrimi, Lukoki, Borgo, Zivanovic, Minerva, Del Acqua, Codor. Coppetili flocks.

10:57 – The teams on the field, all ready to start the match.

10:15 – The official formation of Juve:

Juventus (3-4-2-1): Finarcik; Martinez, Domenico, Gil; turkish, osso, ribani, bagnoko; Vaca, Angeli; com. biggi. Available: Radu, Firman, Srdoc, Savio, Scienza, Florea, Bassino, Finocchiaro, Scarpetta, Crapisto, Pugno. Coach: Montero.

10:05 – Monteiro’s sons aim to remain at the top of the standings with full points after the success of the first day against Cagliari (3-1). On the other hand, Salento players are looking for their first points this season after the heavy knockout they suffered in their first match against Verona (1-5).

10 o’clock – friends, Happy Sunday and welcome to the live transcript of the Lecce-Juventus match, valid for the second day of the Primavera 1 tournament.

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