Science and technology in the third meeting center of the Prime Minister’s Project Asti

Science and technology in the third meeting center of the Prime Minister’s Project Asti

The third meeting of Prime Minister Asti, School of Politics for Young Women, will take place on Saturday 11 June 2022 at Foyer delle Famiglie, on Via Milliavacca 5.

The title of this third assignment is “Science and Technology. Together to Build the Future in Politics and Society”: The six degrees are part of the Association for Women and Technology and will explore issues related to the work environment, whether academic, professional, banking or business. The certification interventions will focus on the topic of ethics as a condition, and the key to reputation and success. A useful meeting to talk about female talent in technology and scientific research, as well as contribute to an active dialogue with girls to guide young people towards the mysteries of the future, and to break gender stereotypes.

Along with the certificates, the champions of the day will be the Primers, a group of 29 students from different secondary schools in Asti, who will have the opportunity to discuss and explore issues related to technology, entrepreneurship and work.
The Prime Minister’s Project is a nationally designed political school for young women, which was born in 2019 in Favara and later reached several Italian cities, such as Rome, Turin, Naples and Asti. Of the project in the Asti region is the Giovanni Gioria Foundation, which implements the events and the program at the regional level.

Gianna Martinengo is President of Women & Tech, Founder and CEO of Didaele KTS, and a Member of INAB @ STOA
Maria Amelie handles corporate and real estate finance and holds a technical advisory role and director of Club Deal Investment Banca Generali.
Marie Frances is the co-founder and CEO of Neuron Guard and a board member of Women & Tech
Daniela Allegani is Vice President of 3M
Maria Letizia Giorgetti: Associate Professor of Applied Economics in the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods at the University of Milan
Antonia Verna: Partner at the Portolano Cavallo Law Firm

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