Science and Philosophy Festival

Science and Philosophy Festival

Yesterday morning (April 22nd) in the San Domenico Hall in Foligno between conferences science and philosophy festival, with prof. Archangel MassimoScientific boys “My synchronization” From Gubbio it was classified The first and third are “Ambassadors of Science and Philosophy”.

The result obtained with More views on Facebook and YouTube for their video presentations created about the relationship between science and literature. The students also presented some of their work on philosophy, music and science, showing how Naov6 and virtual reality work.

It is an important PCTO that has been carried out for years with the Laboratory of Experimental Sciences in Foligno, this year with project teacher Prof. Alessandra Perini, project coordinator, prof. Francesco Deplano and the third and fourth graders of science high school are in this beautiful adventure.

with representationlight years by Italo Calvino Lorenzo Franceschetti, Giovanni Gagiotti, Giulio Farnetti, Francesco Vespe and Francesco Roncigli From 3cls in first place by winning a Lenovo laptop.

Whereas, we always start with Calvino with the story.”distance from the moonGiordano Angeletti, Leonardo Alono, Mattia Cerbella from 4bls, with David Minnelli Of 5cls it is ranked third as prize in the dictionary of the Italian language given by prof. Massimo Arcangeli, linguist and organizer of the Science and Philosophy Festival.

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