Science City. 3 Days of School – There is also Matter Economy by Mario Ferraro

Science City.  3 Days of School – There is also Matter Economy by Mario Ferraro

Matter Economy took part inside the pavilion of the Training and Safety Center in Naples – CFS Naples, in the event organized in Città della Scienza in collaboration with the Regional School Office in Campania.

“Interest and interaction with technology and its transversal application must be developed in school. Mario Ferraro, owner of Matter Economy, is convinced of this. “We strongly believe in the importance of communicating with young people and conveying in a transversal way the enormous potential of innovation applicable to all sectors.”

The material economy – continued Ferraro – is a young reality in which we give space to emerging professionals because we believe in the potential of new generations and in the enormous opportunities that can arise through the exchange of positive energies.

“3 Days of School” is an event, now in its 22nd edition, which took place from 14 to 16 November 2023 in the Città della Scienza in Naples, and was organized with the IDIS Foundation – Città della Scienze and the School Administration – Social Policies in collaboration with the Regional School Office. for champagne.

This event targets school administrators and school teachers of all levels throughout Italy, companies that produce products and services for schools, teachers’ associations and public institutions, positioning itself as a place of meeting and discussion and placing at the center the needs and goals of the school world.

The 2023 edition, like previous editions, includes the participation of authoritative speakers, events in plenary sessions on key topics, seminars to deepen studies and research, and workshops to present and exchange experiences and good practices.

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The Convention annually registers the attendance of thousands of teachers from all over Italy and showcases the projects and educational experiences of more than 200 schools from different regional districts, as part of the call for a review of the “Word for Schools”.

Main objectives for the 2023 edition:

• Contribute to the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan in Italian schools by strengthening the work that has already been implemented and is in the planning stage.

• Contributing to the important reform of guidance in schools, which introduced fundamental innovations for the choice of students’ future path of study, also from a European perspective and for greater cohesion with an increasingly globalized and competitive society.

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