Empoli 0-2 Inter: goals from Lukaku! | Live broadcast of the Italian Premier League

Empoli 0-2 Inter: goals from Lukaku!  |  Live broadcast of the Italian Premier League

The Nerazzurri must return to racing in the league after five matches without a win, but Zanetti’s men have won only once in the last 11 days. President Zhang is also in the stadium

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81 ‘

– April 23rd

Barilla reservation

Excessive protests from the Sardinia midfielder as soon as he came on: an avoidable yellow card.

80 ‘

– April 23rd

Zanetti plays the Destro card

The Empoli coach chooses to attack at the last substitution: Caputo comes off.

77 ‘

– April 23rd

Other alternatives in Inter

Inzaghi calls Brozović and Josenz off the bench, and Barella and Dimarco come on in their place.

75 ‘

– April 23rd

Double by Big Rom!

Lukaku scores again, who clears the mark with a double step and unloads a very powerful shot with his left foot. Berezan did not oppose in time.

74 ‘

– April 23rd

Lukaku again, but the goal is missed

The Belgian striker plays with confidence, getting rid of Tonelli and kicking with great power.

71 ‘

– April 23rd

Tonelli and Vignato enter

Luberto and Bandinelli leave the field, and Zanetti enters with new forces.

69 ‘

– April 23rd

Substitutions by Inzaghi

Bellanova and Correa leave for Inter, Dumfries and Satriano.

68 ‘

– April 23rd

Via de frig!

A shot to the head from the Dutchman makes Wood shiver.

67 ‘

– April 23rd

Calhanoglu from power!

An excellent counter-attack by Inter – marred by a mistake at the start of the event – with Correa changing to play excellently for the Turkish player: a powerful shot, Persan deflects for a corner kick.

65 ‘

– April 23rd

Double replacement for Zanetti

The Empoli coach replaces Campiaghi with Satriano – on loan from Inter – while Haas leaves midfield and Grassi enters.


– April 23rd

Bandinelli kicks, high ball

Empoli’s corner kick was denied outside the area: the midfielder hit hard but over the crossbar.

55 ‘

– April 23rd

Bad shot by Campiaghi

Bad conclusion for the Empoli striker after a well-constructed play from right to left: still the fulcrum of the Tuscan game Baldanse, the man helped in this case.

48 ‘

– April 23rd

A goal from Lukaku!

The Belgian striker scores from open play in the league for the first time since his debut in Lecce and does so with a low, diagonal shot from just inside the area courtesy of Brozovic. Enter forward.

– April 23rd

Filming begins

Marinelli whistled to start the second half of the match. There is still 45 minutes to go.

– April 23rd

The end of the first half

There was an uninspired 45 minutes in Castellani, without a goal. Empoli and Inter go to the locker room.

43 ‘

– April 23rd

Correa is looking for Brozovic

Tucu tries to invite the Croatian to escape with a lob kick, but Beresan comes out at the last moment and pounces on the ball in a dive.

37 ‘

– April 23rd

Marinelli problem

The referee is not heard in the headset, an employee on the sidelines substitutes a technician and the game stops for a minute.

32 ‘

– April 23rd

I booked Parisi

In contrast to the full-back against D’Ambrosio, who remains on the ground and calls for a card: he arrives, a yellow card.

30 ‘

– April 23rd

Gagliardini’s high shot

From the edge of the area, the former Atalanta midfielder tries to finish the game, but the ball flies over the crossbar of Berezan.

26 ‘

– April 23rd

Closed spaces for inter

Empoli move well and give the impression of being able to play some chances early in the second half: Inzaghi must study how to get around Zanetti’s defensive scaffolding.

19 ‘

– April 23rd

Baldanze tries!

Baresi launched an excellent counterattack down the flank, which found no resistance until the trocar and then sent the 20-year-old towards the center of the area: a powerful low shot into the near corner, Handanovic runs and makes a save.

7 ‘

– April 23rd

Calhanoglu shooting

After an attempt a few minutes earlier by De Vrij’s save, Nerazzurri’s second shot came from Al-Turk: from outside the penalty area, it was choked by the goal.

2 ‘

– April 23rd

Inter in attack

The Nerazzurri pushed from the first minute, first with Lukaku looking for a clue on the left with an attempted cross and then with Acerbi’s header which earned him a corner kick.

– April 23rd


After the anthem of the Italian League, Empoli Inter begins.

– April 23rd

Inzaghi: “The team knows what it takes”

Inter coach before kick-off: “We definitely know the calendar we have to face, today the match is very important for us. I need everyone and there have been some changes, but I’m confident. Our strength must be ‘to work together as a team’. We know we have a match every two and a half days. I’ve seen a focused team and they know what they have to do. Lukaku? I am happy for him and for the message that the federation wanted to send to everyone – especially the youth – to fight racism.

– April 23rd

Accardi: “We need the perfect match”

Empoli sporting director before the match against Inter: “On paper it is a very difficult match, even if we are up against a team that is going through difficult moments in the league. We will need a perfect match, these difficulties do not make us forget the values ​​of Inter… The second round is increasingly difficult because the teams know each other “Some are facing each other in different ways. But the performances have always been there. Between Nasir, Kronic and Aslani in the Champions League semi-finals? It’s pride. We are looking for these talented players to make them grow and see them on prestigious stages.”

– April 23rd

Bellanova: “Let’s get the lost points back”

Inter defender before the match at Empoli: “Today is really an opportunity for me, but the most important thing is to get back to winning ways, we have to make up for the points we’ve lost so far. The finish line in the semi-finals is historic and it’s not been for many years, but today we have to win because we We need the three points for order and morale.”

– April 23rd

Empoli, the official formation

(4-3-1-2): Beresan. Ebuehi, Ismajli, Luperto, Parisi; Haas, Marin, Bandinelli; Baldanze. Caputo, Campiagi. Coach: Zanetti.

– April 23rd

Inter, the official formation

(3-5-2): Handanovic; D’Ambrosio, De Vrij, Acerbi; Bellanova, Gagliardini, Brozović, Calhanoglu, Gosens; Lukaku, Korea. Coach: Inzaghi.

– April 23rd

Inter shirt

The Inzaghi team will face Empoli in the away kit, which is white with geographical map features.

– April 23rd

Statistics and background

One of Empoli’s only four Serie A victories against Inter came in the first leg of the season (they haven’t won back-to-back matches against the Nerazzurri) – the balance between the two teams in the competition ended with three draws and 22 wins in Milan. . However, after a 1-0 draw with Inter and a 0-0 draw with Milan, Empoli can go undefeated in three consecutive meetings against Milan teams for the second time in Serie A – the first was between 2014 and 2015 (three draws).

– April 23rd


Castellani’s challenge in effect for the 31st day will be officiated by referee Livio Marinelli, from the Tivoli Division. He was assisted by line assistants Rossi and De Goya, with Feliciani as the fourth official. Banti and Manganiello’s assistant will be in Var’s room.

– April 23rd

Where do you see it?

Empoli Inter will be broadcast live on the Dazn, SkyGo and Now TV apps, while on TV it will be visible on Sky Sport Uno (201), Sky Sport Calcio (202), Sky Sport 4K (213) and Sky Sport (251) channels. Live text on gazzetta.it.

– April 23rd

Empoli, potential configuration

(4-3-1-2): Beresan. Ebuehi, Ismajli, Luperto, Parisi; Vizzini, Marin, Bandinelli; Baldanze. Caputo, Campiagi. Coach: Zanetti.

– April 23rd

Inter, potential formation

(3-5-2): Handanovic; D’Ambrosio, De Vrij, Acerbi; Bellanova, Gagliardini, Brozović, Calhanoglu, Gosens; Lukaku, Korea. Coach: Inzaghi.

Two of the least fit teams in the tournament, as a result, challenge each other in Castellani to try and reverse the trend, which is dangerous for both of them. Empoli will try to repeat the 0-1 draw in Meazza with an additional Ismaili, while Inter Mkhitaryan loses for personal reasons but finds Calhanoglu from the first minute: a partial turnover by Inzaghi after Champions League efforts against Benfica.

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