are you always late There is an explanation, actually 3: Science says so

are you always late  There is an explanation, actually 3: Science says so

If you are constantly late, then, according to science, the problem may not be just you, but a specific cause.

Do you always hear yourself saying you’re late? There is a reason, in fact there are three: For this, based on scientific and psychological studies, you cannot be punctual.

3 reasons why you are late

If you’ve always felt guilty for not being punctual in meetings with friends, at school, at soccer matches, in fitness classes at the gym and at business meetings, then it’s time to understand why you’re chronically late and just can’t. Keep the schedule.

If you are always late, the reason may be one of these three reasons

Waiting for those who are always late is annoying, and even being late, and thus feeling wrong, is, but how do chronic latecomers fail to honor agreed times, even when they try?

3 reasons why you're always late
3 reasons why you are late, according to

According to science Are you late for 3 main reasons:

  • Through a cognitive experiment, some people were asked to time the time to reach 1 minute, so some stopped after 58 seconds, others after about 70 seconds. So the reason, maybe you are late is the one who was born late! Meaning you have one A different concept of time. Some run toward their goals and others are more relaxed, because they inadvertently perceive the passage of time differently.
  • Another reason for the delay, which may seem obvious even if it isn’t, is that the time required to perform an action is reduced, And so we end up falling behind because of the illusion of making it. In order to solve this problem, several solutions have been developed, including, for example, also dividing the available time into several parts, to be more productive, or trying to make an estimate by default, rather than an increase.
  • Another reason why he’s late is because you are you multitasking. In fact, according to a study by Jeff Conti of the University of San Diego, those who multitask and have behavior that psychologists identify multi-colors , He accumulates a greater delay in work activities because he jumps from one activity to another without realizing that he is actually wasting his energy, and that You must complete one task at a time, to be more punctual.
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