School mortgage bills, fall bite: 1,600 euros

School mortgage bills, fall bite: 1,600 euros

10% more expensive groceries

Today food costs are 10.1% more than they were a year ago. The Consumers’ Association reports that if this trend is confirmed in the coming months, each household will spend an average of €190 more on food and drink.

Schools, backpacks, and books cost more

Another important chapter for price increases is the school. Stationery products cost about 9% more. A family that has to buy everything necessary for the school year (backpack, diary, portfolio, pens, pencils, notebooks) will find itself paying a higher bill of about 50 euros compared to 2022, to which the higher costs of books (between 4 and 12) will have to be added. %) for an additional 45 euros.

Gasoline 107 euros more in 4 months

Traveling by car will also be more expensive: according to data from the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, between September and December 2022, the price of gasoline averaged about 1.679 euros per book, compared to 1.947 today. If list prices remain at their current levels, taking into account two full meals per month per family, spending will rise by 107 euros in the last quarter compared to 2022.

More expensive bills

The billing alarm has also started again: analysts forecast that electricity risks will increase by 7-10% in the next quarter (an additional 16 euros per household) and gas by 2%.

Mortgages, continue with increases

It’s even worse on the mortgage front. In fact, Assotente suggests that further rate hikes could be scheduled at upcoming meetings of the European Central Bank. Today, a variable-interest mortgage averaging €125,000 over 25 years (the most popular class of loans for first home purchases in Italy) costs an average of 60% more than it did at the start of 2022, with a monthly average higher. Payment is about 270 euros. Assuming an interest rate adjustment of 0.25% at all three ECB meetings, monthly installment expenditures for the September-December period would be generally €1,170 more expensive than in 2022.

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Bars and restaurants are expensive

The cost of eating in restaurants and consuming in bars will also rise, given the increases in public spaces across Italy: the association concluded that the increase in spending in this sector would be around €28 per household in four months.

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