MasterChef Italia, endless tears for the protagonist: an unprecedented public massacre | Chaos in the studio

MasterChef Italia, endless tears for the protagonist: an unprecedented public massacre |  Chaos in the studio
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Drama on MasterChef where one of the heroes bursts into tears. The chaos in the studio is unprecedented and the lyrics are obscene.

chef, The most followed cooking talent show on television has reached its 12th edition. The 13th year is now here, and the start date is set to be December 14th.

In twelve editions, a lot of things happened, we saw not only the competitors taking turns and challenging each other with recipes and tests, but also the judges.

If you start the first edition with referees Bruno Barbieri, Carlo Cracco and Joe Bastianich, Today only one of this initial trio remains Barbers. The others were replaced with very nice ones Giorgio Locatelli And Antonino Cannavacciolo.

But the shouting, heckling and lectures, not to mention actual reprimands from judges, remained the same. And also the tears we saw flowing sometimes.

Masterchef: Tears and harsh words

It sometimes happens that a Chef There are tensions between the competitors themselves, who are nevertheless competing for the first place that everyone covets equally, and between them and the judges. Tests often put aspiring chefs under pressure and they may find it difficult to prepare the desired dish.

In these cases, there are those who improvise with great presence of mind, with little cheek, those who panic because they are unable to conceive anything with their own hands, and those who instead suggest preparations that are not quite suitable for a sophisticated kitchen and restaurant. What follows is the anger of the judges.

cannavacciuolo masterchef
Letizia and Antonino Cannavacciolo – Evod

What happened in the studio?

During one of the episodes of the latest issue of Chef Competitors found themselves having to prepare a dish to enhance salt and pepper. Letizia chose to bring what she called “my way.” Base of white rice with mushrooms, meat and herbs. At the time of judging, Cannavacciolo first said that the dish reminded him of a hospital, then invited the competitor to taste it: “I see poorly boiled rice, with poorly cut meat, with poorly cooked mushrooms, dried herbs and three points.” of sauce. Can you see how dry it is?

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The aspiring chef, unemotional, continued to argue and assert that this was exactly the flavor of the proposed dish until the other judges rejected it as well. Once in the confessional cheerful He bursts into tears and says “I’m humble, I’m not arrogant, I’m not conceited.” But her colleagues are not the only ones calling her rude, even the Internet has exploded with comments like these “But why doesn’t Letizia learn the beautiful art of silence?”

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