March 24, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Sanremo 2023, here is the duet: Mignoni with the Gospel Choir. Among the guests are Manuel Agnelli, Emma and Eros Ramazzotti

AmadeusDay after day, he continues to unveil a program San Remo 2023. This time the revelation concerned the titles of the songs that the competing artists would be performing at the duo’s evening.

Ama returned to his friend Fiorello to Long live Rai2! with clip with Gianni Morandi. The conductor and the co-conductor pretend to find a secluded place to unfold and read the list.

Sanremo Festival, duet: here are the artists and song titles

Anna Oksa with DJ iLjard Shaba: little emotion by Anna Oxa

Aries And Saint John: permanent center of gravity by Franco Battiato

Cola Zeo And Finger in the plagueAnd I will go up by Daniel Silvestri

Colander And Dimartino With Carla BruniAnd the sky is blue

zombie things And BaosteelAnd It will be because I love you Of the rich and the poor

Country cousins And Paul Valesi: Life force, my soul.

Alodice And Great mothers: american woman

Gianluca Grignani And ariseDestination: Heaven

Gianmaria And Manuel Agnelli: What is not there

Georgia And Elise: light (northeast sunset) Elise

Laza with Emma and Laura Merzadori: the end by Nesli reinterpreted by Tiziano Ferro

Leo Gassman and Eduardo Benato with Quartetto Flegreo: Medley Pinato

Levante and Renzo Rubino: to live by Vasco Rossi

Madame and Easy: Al-Maidan Street by Fabrizio D’Andre

Mara Sati and Naomi: Lamor Tjoor By Gigi D’Agostino

Marco Mengoni with the Kingdom Choir: Let it be by the Beatles

Fashion and vibrations: come to me of vibrations

Mr. Ryan and Fatima: something big by Cesare Cremonini

Oli and Lorella Cucarini: The night flies by Lorella Cucarini

Paola and Chiara with Merk & Kremont: Mix of Paola and Chiara songs

Rosa Chemical and Rose Feelin: America by Gianna Nannini

Will with Michelle Zarillo: Five days from you and me by Michel Zarillo

Chari with the psalm: A collection of Zucchero’s songs titled “I Chose the Devil in Me”.

Sethu and Bunker 44: Charlie surfs from Baustelle

Tananay with Don Joe and Biagio Antonacchi: I would like to sing like Biagio Antonacci by Simone Cristicchi

Finally with Eros Ramazzotti: a mix of Eros Ramazzotti

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