The first edition of the Institute Dramaturgy Tournament in Reus is available here

The first edition of the Institute Dramaturgy Tournament in Reus is available here

High school students from 7 cities participate in the first edition of the competition Dramaturgy Championship of Transversal Network Institutes The creation process ended last May 14 with the display of the texts of the work by Alba Pujol, Adriana Fuertes, Martí Atanes and Roger Villa in the Sala Piquet in Barcelona.

The act had a start bout Where actresses and actors entered the ring to interpret each of the texts. Delia Brufão and Natalia Barrientos (Les de l’hoquei) introduced the session and energized it by engaging all the students and teachers who attended, so that Share your experiences and emotions in this moment. After seeing all the pieces, each person cast one vote, which was weighted by the number of students in each city to make it fair.

Granollers’ Celestí Bellera Institute won with its script “Rebellion”, starring two superheroes (Alba Pujol and Marti Atanes) with Existential doubts that finally make a literal turn in the text They rebelled against the playwrights themselves by tearing up their roles to decide what they wanted them to be.

Dramaturgy Championship for Institutes is a project he is promoting respression that day Transverse network supported by city halls and municipal theaters in 7 participating cities (Mataro Memorial Theater, Granweiler Hall Theater, Sant Cugat Hall Theater, Olot Main Theater, El Jardi Municipal Theater of Figueres, Partrina Theater of Reus, Vilanova y la Geltrú Main Theater) and the State Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with Sala Piquet, which provided its facilities for the concert Closing.

It is a technical and training activity for To bring young people closer to the performing arts and work to create cultural audienceswhich provides an overview of all the steps involved in creating a theatrical work: from writing and reading the script, to theater rehearsals with actors.

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