January 29, 2023

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Ukraine, at La7 Parenzo interrupts Revelli who hangs up: “If I can’t talk, good morning.” But come back in a few minutes

The impasse, later resolved, a “Tagada” (La7) while discussing the conflict in Ukraine. the historian Marco Revelli He blames the behavior of the West on the search for a diplomatic solution: “Those who are around the ring, so long as they cheer for one or the other, do not bring an iota of meaning to this whole affair, which It costs the poor dearly in the first place. This is the UkrainiansWhether they are Russian-speaking or non-Russian, pro- or anti-Russian: they are the ones who die, hiding in a cellar and often without a gun. They die under the bombs, and there are chilling numbers. It makes no sense at all. Then if you want to divide the domain between supportersEveryone can find meaning in their forehead.”

Revelli was interrupted by Parenzo, which stands out on the fan theme, but the historian twice asked him to let him speak. The journalist continues, and Revelli closes the link: “I’m separated. Good morning.”
The host is interfering Tiziana Panelaevidently upset, who gently rebukes Barenzo: “Professor Rivelli was quietly expressing his opinion and here we are confronted in a calm manner. We may try to contact him again.”
The reporter immediately apologized and about 8 minutes later Rivelli called back the broadcast.

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