The Dominicans launched a WhatsApp channel for daily evangelization

The Dominicans launched a WhatsApp channel for daily evangelization

urc In a continuing effort to adapt to today's times and reach a wider audience, the Dominicans have announced the launch of a new WhatsApp channel offering free daily Gospel preaching. This new service adds to the previous successful initiative, where daily commentaries on the Gospel are offered in text and audio format for free through platforms such as Ifox, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, e-mail I Web.

WhatsApp Channels are located under the News tab of the app, through which users can find both their contacts' statuses and the channels they choose to follow, in a different space from the chats they have with family members, friends or communities. Unlike these traditional chats or WhatsApp groups, channel admins are the only ones who can share information.

WhatsApp channels protect privacy. In this regard, the phone number and personal photo of the channel’s followers are not disclosed to administrators or to the rest of the followers.

Gospel channel

To continue preaching the Gospel of Dominic of Spain, it is enough to open this link From the phone and press the “Continue” button.

There is also the option to receive notifications of new posts once a day. It is enough to activate it through the bell button. The notification will include a text link to today's sermon and another to the podcast with audio of today's sermon.

Accessible daily sermon

Director of the Communications Office of Dominica Spain, Fra Ivan CalvoHe believes that this WhatsApp channel provides “a good way to meditate every day, whether on the way to work on the bus, the subway, the car, walking in the streets alone, or quietly with the family.” The goal is to make daily preaching more accessible and convenient for those who prefer the ease of receiving inspirational content directly on their mobile devices.

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“It represents a major advance, a way to adapt our main message, which is to preach the Good News, to current times.”

The daily audio preaching ministry has grown in popularity since its launch in 1995, with over 9,000 evangelistic commentaries published and over 40,000 subscribers receiving the newsletter in their emails. And also the platform Dominic's website It attracts an average of 560,000 users per month, demonstrating the significant impact that Dominican preaching has on the Spanish-speaking community around the world.

Ivan Calvo emphasizes that preaching via the new WhatsApp channels “represents a major advance, and is a way of adapting our main mission, which is the preaching of the Good News, to current times.” This effort reflects the Dominicans' commitment to one of the apostolic priorities set by the Province of Hispania: “that the world of the Internet or social networks be at the service of the word; that is, human dignity.”

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