Samsung is working on a powerful new smartphone: the data sheet is creepy

Samsung is working on a powerful new smartphone: the data sheet is creepy

Samsung is all set to amaze smartphone lovers once again by launching a new model with amazing features.

Day by day, Samsung is deservedly conquering the market leadership role in various segments of the technology industry. In terms of smart TVs, the Korean giant is the main opponent of LG and Sony. In the field of gaming monitors, he is rather the absolute leaderwith other companies playing stalkers.

Samsung is about to release a new powerful yet affordable smartphone –

The same can be said Smartphone industry. If this has been true for more than a decade Samsung opposes the dominance of Apple And for iPhones, it is also true that if we exclude the house of Apple, no other manufacturer will be able to compete with the Korean house. Samsung’s “Galaxy S” series is believed to be the real competitor to the iPhone.

So much so that when users want to buy a high-end smartphone, they are divided between fans of the American company and fans of the Korean phone. The Asian giant has reached the position it occupies today above all else Thanks to continuous innovationmaking it one of the leaders in the market.

Samsung is ready to launch a new smartphone model with interesting features

The second winning option was to diversify the offer. Keeping in mind the case of mobile phones, Samsung has continued to counter iPhones by introducing new S-series models with them Technical characteristics are higher than those of the iPhonebut also produced models for mid-range and minimalist-conscious consumers.

Technical sheet of the new Galaxy M34 5G
This is the technical sheet that the new Samsung Galaxy M34 5G has to boast – Image via Twitter –

While waiting to find out the technical characteristics of the new development of the flagship series, information regarding a new smartphone model from Samsung has appeared in these hours. This is the Galaxy M34 5G. We’re talking about the Korean tech giant’s mid-range series, so it’s a phone with features In theory it should be much less for advanced phones.

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Precisely for this reason, the characteristics that appeared on the web in these hours surprised everyone. The M34 5G appears to have a FullHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate. If the resolution is normal for phones in this range, what is surprising is the high frequency, especially ideal for those who love video games.

As for other features, the M34 will have 5G 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of space from storage. As for the camera, the dorsal front has three lenses. The main one is from 50 megapixelssupported by an 8MP and a second 2MP which will be used for image stabilization.

The front one – which is usually used for selfies – will have 13MP instead. The feature that surprises, in addition to having an above-average camera, is the possibility 4K video recording.

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