Sony is aiming for cloud gaming, between the PlayStation Q Lite and its new hires

Sony is aiming for cloud gaming, between the PlayStation Q Lite and its new hires

As The Verge reported in a recent featured article, it appears that Sony Makes a general payment towards Cloud gaming With the latest news that came out of the Japanese company including the alleged Playstation q lite portable to play remote e New appointments Specifically in this region.

In this case, these days appeared Vacancies for 22 positionsAt Sony PlayStation, everyone has focused on cloud gaming and especially in the development of this technology with the aim of “doing a strategic vision of streaming and cloud gaming at PlayStation”.

“Are you an innovator in cloud streaming products? Then you’ll agree that cloud gaming is well on its way to becoming a major player in the gaming industry,” reads part of an ad. Job opportunity for a Product Management Manager for Cloud Games, posted by Sony.

In addition, the company is also looking for five Senior Platform Engineers, three software engineers, two technical project managers, and at least one technical writer, as well as four reliability engineers and various other elements to place in this specific technology area.

These roles must fit with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Future Technology Group (FTG), a division that Sony itself says is tasked with leading the “cloud gaming revolution,” no less, with the vision of bringing “console-quality video games to any device.”

In short, it seems that Sony PlayStation intends to take cloud gaming very seriously and this new division should represent an important part of the company’s future technological development in the field of video games.

Evidence of this is also given by the recent emergence of information about the alleged PlayStation Q Lite, or a portable device specifically designed to be able to play on the go, taking advantage of the PS5’s Remote Play function, although there is no official one yet. confirmations in this regard. According to some sources, such as Tom Henderson, this device will already have a release period set for November 2023, possibly in line with other cloud gaming developments by Sony.

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