WhatsApp changes the interface on tablets: what will it be like?

WhatsApp changes the interface on tablets: what will it be like?

developers WhatsAppRecently, they have never slept and released something interesting to update dedicated to WavedWithin the latest beta version of the Android app. The user interface has been completely overhauled to improve the experience of using the app on devices Big Screen.

The new interface has a cleaner and more modern design, with Bigger icons And wider distances between the different elements. Moreover, the arrangement of the different sections of the app has been improved, making it easier to access your chats, contacts, and settings. In principle, the new interface is similar to the one already seen in Whatsapp web.

WhatsApp on tablets: what’s changing

In the latest beta app, the chat screen It has been changed to make conversations easier to read on devices with large screens, such as tablets. Now the list of chats is displayed in a column on the left of the screen, while the selected individual chat with all its messages is shown on the right.

There is, too Contacts screen It has been modified to better adapt to tablets and in general to large touch screens. Contacts are now displayed in a larger grid, with larger icons and more spaces between them.

Finally, the Settings screen has also been changed to better suit tablets. Settings are now displayed in one column on the left from the screen, showing the selected options on the right.

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In practice, WhatsApp for tablets has arrived Vertical split screen.

WhatsApp on tablets: when the news arrives

In general, the new interface for Whatsapp beta for Android is designed to makeEasier and more enjoyable application For use on tablets. The new interface has been well received by users who have already had the chance to try it out, and it is expected to become available to all WhatsApp users soon.

The update is still in beta, so there might still be some issues that need to be fixed. However, it is known that the developers of WhatsApp Beta Very active in updating And improve the application, so any problem is likely to be resolved in a short time.

However, the tablet interface is now definitely getting more and more important on WhatsApp since it has now been launched for several months Multi-device WhatsApp Which allows you to use the application simultaneously on the phone and on other devices. Obviously, the tablet is The perfect second device.

In conclusion, the new interface of WhatsApp Beta for Android for the tablet version is a big step towards improving the experience of using the app on devices with large screens. With a more modern and intuitive design, users will be able to use the application in a more efficient and fun way. And so Just a matter of time: The new interface will come.

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