Basil spoils if you water it this way, never do it again

Basil spoils if you water it this way, never do it again

You have to say goodbye to rotten basil, just water it like this and you won’t have any problems. You will save the plant from its cruel fate.

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the basil It’s not just the flag of our country – some symbolic dishes (like pizza or pasta with tomato sauce) are inseparable from the use of the same – but we can’t do without it at this time of year. The high temperatures and sun support the basil growing in all its beauty and Launching all of her fragrances.

But let us be careful to supply what the factory requires of us, for we cannot leave it like this without support. Basil needs our care, so here are some goodies that will be very beneficial for you. Let’s see what it is, let’s get to know the details to make it shine and It blooms abundantly.

Rotten basil? Let’s find out together the useful solutions to avoid this

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When we deal with basil seedlings in pots, we must follow some tips. Where should it be placed first? The plant requires a pot 20 or 25 cm deep. Leaving it on the balcony is a real panacea for its health. But let us now look at an important aspect of it Irrigation: How much water should we give the plant?

First of all, you must absolutely avoid stagnant water, which causes diseases such as fungus or mildew, so you must ensure that the soil is not soaked, Indeed, this condition will save the plant from many diseases. But how does this translate into water needs? Water twice a day on particularly hot days.

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But before doing any work we always touch the earth to understand and act only if it is dry, water cannot be created in advance, but we can feel the earth – here it is not said by metaphor – to understand its true needs, in this way we will not err.

Super basil
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If you are away from home for a certain number of days and have no one to take care of your plant, just fill a plastic bottle and fill it with water. You will simply have to install the cap and drill it in the center with a nail. Place the bottle upside down in the vase and you will see how the basil will preserve it drop by drop Perfect moisture level for comfort.

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