Bamboo, a lucky plant: discover the meaning based on its stems and care tricks

Bamboo, a lucky plant: discover the meaning based on its stems and care tricks

Bamboo is a plant that has always been associated with luck, but it hides many other properties and secrets.

Officially known as Dracaena sandrianaBamboo is a well-known tropical plant, but it has adapted to live in any climate and latitude. We can find it practically everywherefrom west-central tropical Africa to northeastern Angola.

It has to be said though Bamboo plant In fact they are part of a family asparagus. These details, although weakening their charm, This does not make them less fortunateThis is why many people keep bamboo at home or in the office, to benefit from the positive effects associated with this decorative and enjoyable plant.

Did you know that luck “changes” based on the shape of the bamboo? Here are some secrets you probably didn’t know

Even if bamboo is “asparagus” it does not mean that it does not bring good luck, far from it, and that too Very decorative plant And effective It is very easy to grow. It is not very demanding, and even beginners can try its cultivation, and get great satisfaction.

According to Chinese tradition, there are several ways bamboo brings good luck – Image: Canva

There are also different ways to make bamboo grow luxuriantly without making special effort. According to experts, The best way is to keep the stems in a pot filled with waterThis ensures that it is free of chlorine. For less experienced people, it is possible to choose classic potting, which is a safe and easy method.

Moreover, if we want to give bamboo to someone as a gift, we can lend it Pay attention to the different meanings and messages Which the plant assumes, because it varies according to the number of stems.

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Traditional Chinese cultures believe that having bamboo (but also giving it as gifts) can bring good luck. It then appears that The number of stems in your plant Bamboo lucky charm It indicates good luck in various areas of lifeAnd more precisely:

  • Two stems: love
  • Three stems: Longevity and joy
  • Five stems: Harmony and balance
  • Six stems: Wealth
  • Seven assets: health
  • Eight stems: Development and growth
  • 21 Yanbu: The perfect combination of harmony, wealth, health, happiness, love, prosperity and good luck.

Here, with this precious information, we will know how many stems to buy or give to our loved ones, and the important thing is to also adhere to another “rule” coming from Chinese tradition. Bamboo should never have 4 stemsThis is for a very specific reason: the number 4 in China is associated with death and therefore bad luck. So if you decide to buy this plant, it is best to pay close attention to the number of stems.

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