Gf Vip 6, a photo collage of Alessandro and Jessica unleashing Sophie Codegoni

Gf Vip 6, a photo collage of Alessandro and Jessica unleashing Sophie Codegoni

The exciting answer is to create a great deal of social upheaval Sophie Codegoni Introduced it to a fan on Twitter. The girl in question posted a poster about Alessandro Bacciano And the Ethiopian princess who blew up the ship Fibona. In the photo, you can see the two of them almost touching their lips for a kiss with clown icons and the hashtag #basciagoni. A gesture of questionable flair The influencer wanted to respond immediately:

My clown who really kisses or fools you who has to create a collage and photoshop to imagine a moment that will never happen?

Among the winners of the latest edition of Big Brother VIP And the Alessandro BasquianOr nothing was born inside residence Cinecitta. On the contrary, the relationship Fra Sophie Codegoni And the businessman continues at full speed.

Among other things, the three former roommates were expected to attend a work event during the work day and a post intended to provoke harassment of the couple could have been avoided. No reaction instead of Jessicaindirectly questionable.

Sufi And the Jessicaduring their stay in Gf VIPThey formed a rather deep friendship. Now relationships seem to have cooled down, and the two actually seem to be increasingly distant and separate. The princess wasn’t even there for a birthday Alexander in Naples. Could the fake image cause resentment between the two women? At the moment there is no question and answer, we just have to wait for the event that will watch them together. Do they renew relations or will the Arctic freeze?

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