Saki: “Inzaghi built a European Inter: an impressive show of strength in Rome”

Arrigo Sacchi’s thoughts after Inter’s 3-0 Olympic win over AS Roma led by Jose Mourinho

“It’s an exciting tournament. We’re playing well, at a high pace. Speed ​​is necessary to give people adrenaline. Of course one thing needs to be said right away: there are a lot of matches, and therefore a lot of injuries. Expand, we will see teams of thirty or more players, costs will go up and not The show takes advantage of them. To intervene before it’s too late, you have to do it.”

Arrigo bags Sound the alarm through the pillars Gazzetta dello sport. The former coach gave an interview to the newspaper:

Let’s enjoy this arrangement: Milan 38, Inter 37, Napoli 36, Atalanta 34. What do you say?

“Inter are the best. Against Roma they put in a great show of strength. I saw a team: everyone moved at the right times, spaces were attacked correctly, the verticals were deadly. Then the pressure was often applied.”

The 3-0 win at the Olympique with Roma was not straightforward.

“I repeat: the hat! Even after Inter Milan continued their attack, they tried to strike the knockout. The legs were loose, the pace of play was good.”

“Very good. He has always been a good coach, but before he lost something: he was an ‘Italian’ coach. Now, however, he has built a European Inter where everyone has learned to interpret the result. Keep it up, in the Champions League in Madrid it will be There is fun. I am convinced that if my friend Ancelotti watches the match, he is a little afraid …”.

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