June 8, 2023

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Saelemaekers featured in Maradona: background on Leipzig, Maldini’s message and what changed with Milan | first page

dream night. Milan rediscover play, conviction and also the essential victory over Napoli in Maradona with a very impressive 0-4. But that’s not all, some of the main champions are also aiming for the end of the protagonist’s season between Serie A and the Champions League. Leao drew football with two amazing goals, and Diaz showed he had shots like a true hero. But the real big surprise was the Saelemaekers.

giant slalom – Saelemaekers’ season, so far, has had two sides: good in the Champions League where he scored two goals in four matches, and bad in the league. And to make it even more difficult, it was an injury that forced him to drill for about two months. In front of Napoli, the Belgian international broke the gap with a wonderful goal at the end of a personal effort, as he took out half of the defense before defeating Merritt. He also came close to scoring a brace in the closing stages of the match with a toxic finish. Alexis has shown, once again, that he is happy at Milan and can be decisive at any moment.

Listen to “Napoli, Sarri call Zelenskiy Lazio after Milinkovic” on Spreaker.

make the choice – Saelemaekers himself was the first to know he had to do more. Because at Milan no one can feel untouchable and confirmation must be obtained on the pitch, day in and day out. Last summer, the former Anderlercht was at the center of various market rumors that wanted Eintracht Frankfurt and Leipzig interested. In the case of Milan farewell. Hypothesis, the last, that the boy He never wanted to think about it Thanks to a long contract until 2026 and the confidence of the entire coaching staff. Alexis who is at the Rossoneri wants to stay there for the long haul, and he gave ample proof of that last night at Maradona.

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