Russo-Ukrainian war, rising tensions between China and the United States. Beijing responds to the warnings: “Sanctions? A strong response if we are hit.”

Russo-Ukrainian war, rising tensions between China and the United States.  Beijing responds to the warnings: “Sanctions? A strong response if we are hit.”

if it was China Do not respect the sanctions imposed by United States of America “Will pay a very expensive“. if it was United States of America harm “our legitimate rights and interests”, we will give a “firm answer e EstablishedThe new front of the war unleashed Russian President Vladimir Putin With the invasion of Ukraine is Voltage growing between Washington And the Beijing. The escalation started this week after that Atmosphere Biden Sanctions imposed on Moscow by blocking imports petroleum And the Gas from Russia. The The New York Times He accused the Chinese government of being aware of the program Russian plans Against Kyiv, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson responded: “It was the behavior of Boy guided United States of America to which they gradually conflict.

However, the clash, which is now only polemical, mainly focuses on Penalties. The United States specifically fears that Chinese companies will supply Moscow equipment And the American software They need to make their own products. Then the Biden administration threatens to “shut it down” thick, the Chinese microchip giant, or any Dragon company that defies US sanctions if it supplies microprocessors and other advanced technologies to Moscow. Secretary of Commerce in Washington, Gina RaimondoRepeat earlier in an interview with The New York Times then to CNN That “if China, like any other country, does not respect the sanctions imposed by the United States on exports to Russia You will pay dearly“.

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Raimondo warned Beijing that the Biden administration was prepared to “prevent China from acquiring US or European equipment and software needed for production. Semiconductors“.”We will pursue any companyWherever it is, in China or anywhere else, that is violating the rules.” So we expect Beijing will not be violating the rules either. There will be consequencesCommerce Minister said. The words he responded harshly again Zhao LijianWhen managing relations with Russia, a State Department spokesperson said, he cautioned that “the United States should not impose The so-called penalties and specialization Long-term About Chinese companies and individuals, and they shouldn’t ruin The legitimate rights and interests of China, otherwise China will give firm and decisive answerEvidence that Voltage between Beijing And the Washington It’s getting close to guard levels.

Meanwhile, China itself continues to suggest itself as Mediator. Beijing welcomes everyone diplomatic efforts Dedicated to peace between Russia and Ukraine, including the meeting in Turkey To the Three Foreign Ministers of Turkey, Russia and Ukraine”: Zhao Lijian always said in his daily briefing. It is a foreign ministers level meeting the above The level so far between Russia and Ukraine during the conflict. there We wish All interested parties can find themselves in the middle of the road, and participate in serious negotiations And make positive efforts to solve it safely Crisis of the principle of mutual respect,” Zhao concluded.

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