The war breaks taboos on gas and oil extraction in the United States and Italy

The war breaks taboos on gas and oil extraction in the United States and Italy

The policy of Nimbi, or options that are postponed or missed for often pseudo-environmental reasons, has reached a paradoxical climax in both the United States and Italy. One might say that the whole world is a country

How much taboo you jump in these days of war. The United States of Americajust to close the oil door fliesready to Lifting the embargo on rogue countries, starting with Venezuela. Eyes are closed to the misdeeds committed by an uncomfortable ally, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin SalmanTo the extent of planning to visit Riyadh. Contact with Iran is not even ruled out. However, not much activity appears to be able to produce the desired effects: Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the OPEC countries able to help isolate Moscow, are fading for the time being. Hence the dangers of the midstream campaign: the United States has no problem making up for the lack of energy imports from Russia, which are worth 3 percent of the market, butThe ban without the arrival of new suppliers raises the price of gasoline with devastating effects on the mood of Americans.. Big problem a few months before the midterm elections.

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