May 29, 2023

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The FBI discovered a Chinese police outpost in New York, and arrested two agents: the first case in the United States

The FBI has arrested two men in New York accused of being Chinese agents operating out of a PRC police station in Manhattan’s Chinatown. As mentioned before The New York TimesThis would be the first case detected in the United States in which informational material could also be seized, after about a hundred of them have appeared worldwide in recent months, including in Italy. Lu Jianwang, 61, also known as Harry Lu, a naturalized US citizen, and Chen Jinping, 59, were arrested in handcuffs. Last fall, FBI counterintelligence agents searched the offices of a Chinese police station in Manhattan, marking yet another episode in the clash between Beijing and Washington over China’s attempts to monitor its citizens even beyond the village limits. The two arrested defendants are accused of obstruction of justice for destroying evidence before US federal agents arrived and of conspiracy, as they played Chinese police officers without any diplomatic approval. And the newspaper recalls last January the emergence of the first rumors about the existence of a Chinese outpost in New York, but the Chinese embassy in Washington tried to downplay its role, explaining that it was just places run by volunteers who helped Chinese citizens to carry it. Out of the papers, such as renewing a driver’s license in the United States. Instead, these centers will systematically collect information and investigate various crimes without any interference from local law enforcement agencies.

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