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Update 19:50 – The devastated UK has twenty, five deaths, many injuries and millions of pounds of damage Eunice is the deadliest winter cyclone to ever hit the UK. The Bureau of Meteorology recorded the strongest wind storm ever recorded on the Isle of Wight at approximately 122 miles per hour 200 km/h, such as a category 3-4 tropical cyclone. Unfortunately At least five victims have been reported: a a leg Killed in County Wexford, in Ireland After colliding with a tree, A woman in her thirties in London Unfortunately he had the same fate. In the Netherlands 3 more victims, all from trees falling on the cars they were in. Many were injuredincluding one woman would be in very dangerous conditions after falling debris from the ceiling at Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.

super storm hto cut down old treesLighting towers, roofs and awnings torn off, windows and balconies smashed and left Without light no less than 40 thousand people. Meanwhile it remains red alert Issued by the Meteorological Center with the authorities urging everyone not to leave the house.

because of the stormy winds Rail traffic is partially or completely disrupted As in the case of southern England, all trains to and from London Suppressed, there was no other way to avoid accidents. Air traffic has also been reduced to a minimum or sometimes banned due to the enormous difficulties in taking off and landing the aircraft. Many roads have also been closed and bridges and flyovers where many articulated truck coups have occurred. The city of London was also severely damaged, destroying the coverage of the O2 area in the southeast of the city. in the city center lThe wind speed was 150 km/hmany people, those few on the street have been literally thrown away by storms.

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heavy snow Instead, they’re creating serious problems in Scotland as real storms unravel

Eunice, from Atlantic Furor – The Bureau of Meteorology’s amber alert, which is very rare, appears to be fully justified. The arrival of the second great storm Eunice He also turned worse than Dudley which just preceded it. In these hours the minimum low pressure that has deepened in less than 24 hours until 974Hpa It lies somewhat above Glasgow and attracts northwest arctic winds to Ireland and Scotland and very light winds over the English Channel and the North Sea. In fact, it snows both in Scotland and Northern Ireland Even at a low altitude, even close to the plane during the rains over central southern England, the English Channel and the North Sea where there are also My time.

But the situation is very sophisticated, with minimal translation towards the east The frost will sweep all over the UK Snow may fall at lower altitudes across England and even over France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany where it is currently raining. It was the discrepancy between the two completely different air masses that gave it exactly Energy for this powerful hurricane that bring hurricane winds over the Celtic Sea, Cornwall and Wales gusts above 150 km/h And peaks at 180 km / h. Notice from the British authoritiesstaying at home

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In the next few hours, Eunice You will go deeper up to 965hPa, The wind will blow again They will also invest in northern France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. So we are waiting for more developments As the first video contributions begin arriving as well as the ability to follow live broadcasts, other updates will follow

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