Russia’s Questions About the League and the Government | Spokesperson for Minister Lavrov: “Italian politicians and the media allow themselves to be guided by external actors”

Russia’s Questions About the League and the Government |  Spokesperson for Minister Lavrov: “Italian politicians and the media allow themselves to be guided by external actors”

“That’s it Like in a fairy tale: The more advanced, the worse. If before the power to change governments in Rome was attributed to the Russian ambassador, now a First ordinary secretary This can be done by asking a question to the assistant of an Italian politician”, thus, accessed byDealingSpokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova comments The case raised by press Concerning contacts between Matteo Salvini’s envoy, Antonio CapuanoThe official of the Russian Embassy in Italy Oleg Kostyukov About the fall of the Mario Draghi government. “We look at Italy as one A sovereign state Which pursues an independent domestic and foreign policy: we consider it a powerful country that occupies a unique position in world history and has a positive impact on international life ”, says Zakharova. For these reasons, relations between Russia and Italy have always been distinguished pragmatismMutual understanding e mutual respect. For us – he continues – it is strange to note how the Italian political class and the media forget their self-sufficiency and national pride, Leading by third partiesvulgar copying even of the worst practices and models of electoral campaigns, trying to play the “Russian card” and consciously spreading the myth of Moscow’s interference in electoral processes.

Then the spokesperson Sergey Lavrov She directly attacks the Turin newspaper, citing examples of the alleged spread of false news: “As far as I know, these are publications of the same newspaper that in recent months have been marked by a large number of true false statements. It is enough to recall – continued Zakharova – the flagrant fraud committed by this newspaper on March 16 (March) this year, when News of the Kyiv bombing under the title “carnageaccompanied by a photo of the aftermath of a missile attack launched by the Ukrainian armed forces on Donetsk city center. On the pages of this media apparatus there was a possibility and an opportunityphysical elimination President of the Russian Federation Russian President Vladimir Putin. It makes no sense to enter into a debate or in any way to comment on the inventions of this newspaper, which, unfortunately, can already boast the laurels of one of the main newspapers forged Italian information space.

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according to printing I mentioned Thursday, referring to sources of intelligence (but without specifying which country), during a meeting at the Russian Embassy – two months before Draghi’s CEO fell – Kostyukov asked Capuano if Carocchio was interested in withdrawing his ministers, revealing that A possible Russian interest in destabilizing the balance of the Italian government. The news that appeared in the newspaper about the assignment of the alleged conversations to the National Intelligence is devoid of any basis“It was announced in the following hours Franco GabrielliUndersecretary of the Presidency of the Council concerned with the security of the Republic. Friday morning, however, the newspaper the truth To that he had already told about Kostyukov’s interest in the fate of the Italian government on June 10, that is, forty days before an article pressThe article stated that Russian officials “would have shown an interest in knowing whether the League’s ministers were willing to resign from the government,” without referring to intelligence documents.

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