Creation is the essence of life

Creation is the essence of life

Joan Carles Fuglia, Advance Life Coach

Julius Caesar was a prominent Roman political and military leader who left a lasting legacy in Roman history. Throughout his life he undertook a series of actions and achievements that enabled him to consolidate his power and leave an indelible mark on the ancient Roman Republic.

One of the most important characteristics of Julius Caesar was his charismatic and populist leadership. Throughout his political career, he sought to win the support and loyalty of the masses through his charisma and oratorical skills. Julius Caesar was known for his ability to communicate with the common people and deliver a message that resonated with their needs and aspirations. He used his charisma and public speaking skills to gain the support of the masses and rally his followers in the struggle for power. There are many phrases that were repeated later throughout history due to their impact and reflection on the peoples they ruled, which remained on the list of famous phrases.

One of them was: “Creation is better than learning, creation is the essence of life” which is that Julius Caesar was somehow a conqueror in all the fields he touched (politics, military, religion, society, culture). ), because he was an innovator who bet on promoting new approaches to many things and institutions that were based on a specific tradition. He said, “Creativity is not a guarantee of success, but it is a guarantee of change, rotation and promotion.” In this way he renewed his vision of a state (Rome) that had drunk from the inertia developed by a great empire.

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This vision and innovative behavior of Julius Cesare was key to his state being a time of many changes, with important infrastructure projects, achieving new annexations with different territories and achieving the Romanization of all of them and favoring the citizens of the donor provinces many improvements in his lifetime. Julius Caesar certainly forgot many things that made him a dictator, for example the abolition of the slave status of those who were slaves and the little or no participation of others in his decisions (he only listened to three or four military men of his strict trust). We will not go into evaluating these questions because what really concerns us today is this determination and creativity when it comes to moving forward in situations that accompany us throughout our lives and in this Emperor Cesare was a master.

Created to learn. The proactive attitude to be able to contribute and not just be a conveyor belt of everything that is already known and comes to us one way or another. Creativity in work (always searching for the win-win option for the individual and the group) and creativity in life to put ourselves in front of the things that work and the things that do not work with a critical and changeable spirit so as not to leave them behind – has never been abandoned in the empty conservative life and without any incentive.

To conclude, another of Julius Caesar’s famous quotes: “Men (and women too, my contribution) are generally quick to believe what they wish to be true.”

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