August 13, 2022

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Russian-Ukrainian crisis, Zelensky to the people of Kyiv: “The sixth month of the war, let’s not slow down. Even the Russians admit that we will win “

The 151st day of the war. Six months have passed since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and day by day, hour by hour, the conflict is intensifying. Ukrainian President Zelensky encourages the population to move forward, not to “slow down”: “We are doing everything possible to inflict the largest possible losses on the enemy and to mobilize as much support as possible for Ukraine,” he said in his usual evening message. He added: “Even the Russians – he added – admit that Ukraine will win: we hear it constantly in their conversations with relatives.” After the missiles launched by Moscow on the port of Odessa – an attack that Russia acknowledged as paternity – the Ukrainian counterattack continues: according to the General Staff, the attacks were repelled in several directions in Donetsk, while the military administration of Kherson was sure that the region would be liberated. Definitively by September.

But Russian operations also continue. yesterday Bombs on Mykolaiv, explosions in Melitopol, attacks in Donetsk where two schools were destroyed. Serge Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, warned that Moscow would help the Ukrainian people “to get rid of an absolutely anti-people regime and history,” stressing that he had no “bias” about resuming talks with the Ukrainians. Regarding wheat, Lavrov argues that Moscow will fulfill its obligations on exports from the Black Sea, and makes it clear that the Russian and Turkish navies and as yet unknown third parties will ensure the safety of the ships.

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Live updates
00.18 – Kyiv, Russian missiles on Zaporizhia in the evening
The head of the Nikopol Military Administration, Yevhen Yevtushenko, reported that Russian forces fired missiles towards Zaporizhzhya from the occupied Energodar lands. Ukrinform reports that. According to him, the Russians used more rocket launchers.

00.18 – Russian Minister Lavrov in the Congo to meet the President
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Oyo, northern Congo, where he started the second leg of his African tour, which started in Cairo, Egypt. His plane landed at 10:30 pm at Olombo International Airport. Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso and Lavrov will hold a meeting on Monday. Since Russia invaded Ukraine last February, Congo-Brazzaville has been a “neutral” country in the conflict. The Russian minister will then travel to Uganda and Ethiopia.

00.00 – Zelensky: “Sixth month of the war, keep fighting”
Ukraine has entered the “sixth month of this brutal war” and “this week there will be important visits by partners, important negotiations and, above all, further progress in Ukrainian positions”: the President, Volodymyr Zelensky, promised in his evening video message on Telegram. “We are not slowing down, and as we have been doing every day for five months, we are doing everything we can to inflict as many casualties on the enemy as possible and to mobilize as much support as possible for Ukraine,” Zelensky added. Then he noted that on July 28, Ukraine, for the first time, will celebrate State Day, a new holiday introduced last year. “We will celebrate in spite of everything,” the Ukrainian leader stressed.

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The Russo-Ukrainian War, What Happened on July 24