“El País” leaves, and Savater stays

Country Fernando Savater was sent off. all my friends independent – They will never read Country: They don't see beyond that the point I'We buyMany progressives – of whom Savater led until Sánchez emerged in the PSOE – will lick their fingers. For them, I was about to cross the line that separated the good guys – them, of course – and the bad guys. In other words, everything to the right of the PSOE that we no longer know whether or not exists He is a socialist, a worker, or just a Sanchista. It's as if Barcelona fired Messi. But not because he couldn't cover the net, no, but because Messi decided to play on the left lane instead of the right. As if he was playing vertically. All they have to do is do without Felix de Azua, and they won't have to pay more than one columnist because they're all saying the same thing. They already know that Where everyone thinks the same way means no one thinks too much. How should opinion leaders look on the payroll in the mirror when Savater leaves and they stay? My face would fall in shame and dizziness, because sharing a header with Savater lifted them up in the same way that throwing Savater out the window had left them naked and adrift. Look at Barcelona post-Messi. With the difference that Savater was playing Country From day one. Wow: It's not Savater who's leaving Country, But this one nation It is not possible to identify who leaves Savatar. Okay, goodbye. In total, there are only Cercas, Gascon and Jabois, readable. I hope to find it soon in the pages the worldIn the meantime, I will take this opportunity to re-read Childhood recovered And I ask St. Francis de Sales, since I will never have the gift of Savater, to preserve at least for me his desire to touch eggs to the end. Amen

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