Draghi press conference on the new Covid- Corriere.it decree

Draghi press conference on the new Covid- Corriere.it decree
to Claudio Del Frit

Cabinet approved the new decree setting out the rules for ending the obligation to green passage outdoors and indoors: at the end, Prime Minister Draghi spoke at a press conference to explain the new measures

With The new Covid decree The outdoor Green Traffic Commitment end penalty is imposed starting April 1st and closed May 1st. Cabinet unanimously approved new rule That sets out the roadmap rules for reopening and a gradual end to the latest restrictions. At the end of the council, Prime Minister Mario Draghi spoke at a press conference, explaining the procedures.

“The return to normal and social life is almost complete” The opening sentence was the Prime Minister. Draghi confirmed it The state of emergency will end on March 31 Cts will melt. Draghi had words of praise first and foremost for the technical staff that has supported the government’s decisions for two years: “We work thanks to science, not feelings.”. “The measures adopted are important: they remove almost all the restrictions that have limited our behavior in the past months.”

However, it is not underestimated Awakening the epidemic that appeared in the past few days“We notice the infection curve and we are ready to adapt, but Thanks to vaccinations, we have reduced the number of deaths by 80,000 people compared to 2021.” At this point expressions of thanks also came to the Italians (“they were very good”) and for General Figliolo (“His appointment is a radical change”). For Figliolo, the job is not over yet. Minister Speranza confirmed that the senior officer will remain in service until December 31 as an exceptional commissioner. The minister has Except for a fourth dose Vaughai: “For information, there is no evidence We only assess the elderly“.

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the Dragon Then he defended the decision to enter the green lane: «We are allowed to Economy grows at 6.5%It was a huge success and will now be phased out.” “It was a quiet cabinet – he added on the discontent of the Northern League – if all issues were to decide a date to stop the Green Corridor, the CDM would be peaceful. A solution has been found in that.” The Prime Minister then announced the formation of a new cabinet tomorrow to issue a decree Help for families and businesses Specifically in order not to compromise the recovery that the war in Ukraine now threatens: “Growth is slowing down but We are not in a recessionDraghi also emphasized that the support would not lead to further slippage in the budget.

Among the actions that will disappear With the new decree, a “color” system for zones and an obligation for those over 50 to have a reinforced green corridor in the workplace: basic traffic suffices.

Theme The conflict between Russia and Ukraine It cannot be ignored: the Prime Minister, in response to journalists’ questions, said that the right way to reach an agreement is dialogue between the United States and China; He added that sanctions will be tightened if necessary. but it is necessary EU ceiling on gas priceGiven the current situation, Draghi says he does not see “the dangers of food and energy, there is no need to raise the alarm; Only if things go wrong We will enter into the logic of rationing.”.

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The final answer came to Salvini’s line: « Presently Salvini Support the pro-European government“This is a fact,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi said, commenting on the speech in which Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez himself asked “what would Europe be today if Salvini, Le Pen and Pascal were at the head of the governments in Italy, France and Spain”. “.

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