Russian review, do not escalate from Putin so as not to help the United States and NATO

Russian review, do not escalate from Putin so as not to help the United States and NATO

Do not escalate “for not providing assistance to the United States and NATO.”, which could have been used as an excuse to increase military aid to Ukraine. Analysts in Moscow put it this way Vladimir Putin’s short speech at the Victory Paradewhich, after the “alarms” of recent days about possible announcements of all-out war in Kyiv or general mobilization, had been “weakened” on the eve of the day.

Both in Russia, where the same Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the rumors about advertisements “nonsense”, and in Ukraine, where it was believed that the Russian president could not claim anything, Being “much less spoils than expectations”As indicated by Adnkronos by sources in Kyiv.

Analysts ask: “What benefit would Putin have had to announce the escalation? The president didn’t want to provide this help“.

Those who expected the Russian president to provide some indication of the direction of the war were disappointed. It is noted that Putin “wants to keep all options open, because sooner or later he will have to say that he has achieved his goals, but from his point of view there is no merit in specifying them in detail.”

But on the other hand, the situation on the ground is what it is: twenty days after the announcement of the start of the second stage of the “special military operation”, with the Russian offensive moving to the Donbass, Moscow cannot even demand that Mariupol fall under siege for more than two months.

Analysts note that there is no escalation, no de-escalation, and a “pause”. Who speaks of “stalemate” even in the Russian internal context, where there is “discontent and perplexity” at the progress of the war and the effect of sanctions, which now only the oligarch feel, and the resentment and bewilderment felt at the moment when they do not turn to “crunching” as suggest the strongest indignation.

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