Russia crashes a plane with 10 passengers on board: “Prigozhin was on board, and there were no survivors”

Russia crashes a plane with 10 passengers on board: “Prigozhin was on board, and there were no survivors”

a private plane The 10 people on board – 3 pilots and 7 passengers – crashed while en route between them He flies And Saint Petroburgo. On board, reports taxit was there 10 passengers. Among them is also the head of Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin. There will be nothing survivor. The plane crashed in Tver regionin central Russia, and was owned by a chief Wagnerwho used it to travel to Belarus after attempting the “Freedom Walk”. He flies from two months. It was included in the sanctions list drawn up by the Security Council United State.

“An investigation has been opened into the plane crash,” Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency said in a statement. Embraer “It happened last night” and confirmed that “the passenger list shows the name and surname” of the leader who was the hero of the coup attempt a few weeks ago in Russia. Russian mediator Fontanka Confirms that the inner circle of Yevgeny Prigozhin Can not be contacted. According to the Telegram channel close to Wagner gray area“,” cut by fire Air Defense of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Eight bodies have been recovered so far.

coup attempt – His death comes two months after the coup against the Russian leadership. It was June 24 when he was president Wagner And declared “March for Justice” on He flies from Rostov-on-Don At the head of about 25 thousand mercenaries at the height of the weeks accusations And counter accusations to manage the war Ukraine. Inversion, determined by it Vladimir put it in A “stab in the back”, which returned a few hours later with the mediation of the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko The mercenaries promised to withdraw from Ukraine and transfer your rules to Belarus.

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Meeting in the Kremlin – Five days after coup attempt Prigozhin He was meeting with the leaders of the various departments of the private company Russian President Vladimir Putin to The Kremlin. Clarification lasted three hours and ended with a promise of loyalty to the president, to which he responded by reassuring his family interlocutors who would go on to play a part in the military exploits of Russia. Lukashenkowhich initially confirmed its arrival Belarus to PrigozhinOn July 6, he announced that he was not there, but A.A Saint Petroburgoand “maybe” had gone to He flies. “We have neither the ability nor the will to follow his movements Prigozhin‘ he had answered Peshkov. But a week ago, the explanatory meeting had already taken place between the two parties put it inPrigozhin and the entire General Staff Wagner: 35 people in total. Aug 21 Prigozhin It appeared in a video on the channels cable Associated with the mercenaries who showed him Africa. According to investigative journalist predictions Christo Grosef Earlier this month, Wagner’s boss could have died within six months or a new coup d’état would take place in Russia.

Who was Prigozhin? Petersburg chronicles tell us it all started with a hot dog stand. Yevgeny Prigozhin He wasn’t even thirty years old and he had just got out of jail. From this kiosk his fortune quickly multiplied in a chain of restaurants opened in it Saint Petroburgo And then in the catering company to The Kremlin And the army. like Prigozhin He entered the halls of power, earning the nickname “Putin’s chef.” Building a mighty brigade Wagnerthe armed branch of the Russian president who intervened as a private militia Syria, Africa Finally to Ukraine. Until the last sudden turnaround, Prigozhin himself became enemy number one of the Tsar after the attempted rebellion on 24 June.

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He was born in the same city as the Russian president. Saint Petroburgoin 1961, Prigozhin He was nine years younger than him put it in. But the first stages of his life take place after light years The Kremlin And always on the brink of illegality. In 1981, according to the investigation website Medusa, he was arrested and sentenced to 13 years in prison for theft and other crimes. The sentence shall be reduced to nine years e PrigozhinOnce released, he decides to get out of trouble, and opens a hot dog stand with the help of his father. Business is doing well and Prigozhin has proven himself to be a shrewd investor. He opened his first restaurant, La Vecchia Dogana. Then a second room, this time deluxe, located on a boat Neva: ‘New Island’. This is the place put it in He likes to bring his famous guests, who Jacques Chirac to George W. Bush. But the chef put it in He does not stop: he opens more catering companies in the service of the army and salad canteens. And expand it. By creating a troll factory, which, according to the United States and the West, would have severely interfered in the American elections and in other allied countries.

The most famous creature Prigozhin But the general remained Wagner. “Without mercy, without shame, without law,” one description read The New York Times. there Wagner It is not institutionally categorized into the Russian military but receives ample funding from the Kremlin. In 2018, we’re talking about Prigozhin in a meeting with Donald Trump, put it in He limited himself to describing him as an “ordinary citizen”. But the group, meanwhile, is stretching its claws inward The Middle Eastin Libya, inSub-Saharan Africa. And in Ukraine. And with the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, Putin’s chef became one of the heroes of the war. In the spring, Prigozhin was photographed in camouflage clothing Donbass. By making it clear, also towards the Kremlin, that the special operation also depends on Wagner and, according to its founder, on the 50,000 men he has deployed. In November, Wagner was included in the list of terrorist organizations by the European Chamber. Prigozhin He answers by showing the MEPs his gift: a violin case with a bloodstained mallet inside.

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from Ukraine Chef videos put it in Huge increase, as well as the crudeness of the photos he posted. And also his insults: first against the Russian doves, then against the military leaders, whom he repeatedly accused of incompetence. Starting with the Minister of Defense Sergey Shoiguguilty, according to him, of abandoning Wagner at the fore Bakhmut without ammunition or air support, and even bombed one of its bases. It is the beginning of the end of Poetry Bean Prigozhin and the The Kremlin. The rebel march towards Moscow on June 24 marked the point of no return: from that day on, for those who know Russian things, Prigozhin becomes a “walking dead man”.

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