Besides Spain and the United States, there are more. Guide for the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023

Besides Spain and the United States, there are more.  Guide for the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023

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Besides Spain and the United States, there are more. Guide for the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023

Francesco Gottardi

The US team is the national team to beat, but there are the Spaniards to beat. And the list of strangers is long: from Slovenia Doncic to France, from Canada to Serbia via Australia. There is also Italy

Universal nights are coming – or rather, mornings, the time zone is at hand. “It will be a balanced tournament,” says coach Bouzecco. “We will be there, too.” Italbasket is pursuing another midsummer dream, after an Olympics and European Championships full of pride and more than a few regrets. The Italian national team, which joins the Philippine host group, will play its first match on August 25 against Angola.. Then out to all the others. The big absentee version will be: neither Durant, nor Jokic, nor Antetokounmpo. So, too, be aware of the unexpected. For surprises and for those who will be ready to take advantage of them. Eight groups – including four more before the quarter-finals – 32 teams, two weeks of fire under the bridges. Everything you need to know about the upcoming FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup, group by group.

Group A of the 2023 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup

Angola, Philippines, ItalyDominican Republic – played in the Philippines

It is a group of Datumi and his associates. After Angola on Friday (10 am Rome time), Sunday touches the Dominican Republic and two days later touches the Philippines. Few chats: Italy has the burden of overtaking the group and overtaking it from first place in the standings A basic requirement, because the victories are cumulative for the second stage. Woe to the sin of arrogance, make Boz’s reprimands ready. But it is enough to play from Italy, as happened in the recent friendlies. Surgical Score 7 out of 7: beats Turkey, China, Serbia, Greece, Puerto Rico, Brazil and New Zealand. Everything is superior to our next opponents. to’Angola He’s athletic but a third-rate roster — except for Bruno Fernando, the Atlanta Hawks’ promising youngster. the Filipino They have the passion, the crowd is on their side but there are also big gaps in the department that only Jordan Clarkson, Funticiu’s prolific Utah Jazz partner, can fill. Focus instead on the Caribbean: Carl-Anthony Towns is the big shot and can count on a stellar supporting cast, from Andres Velez (Joventut Badalona) to Lester Quinones (Golden State Warriors). and we? The experience of Melli and Datome, the inspiration of Fontecchio and Tonut, the freshness of Procida and Spagnolo. Plus the buzz factor. Including charity evictions. Even in perspective, it will be fun.

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Group B

China, Puerto Rico, Serbia and South Sudan have played in the Philippines

Same scenario: the big favorite and others to follow. Without Jokic and Micic, Serbia may not be as ambitious in the title fight, but they have plenty of talent to win the group with ease. Laying down a ramp towards the quarter-finals. Coach Pesic has entrusted Bogdan Bogdanovic with the technical keys to the team, working closely with Ognin Dobrich – the new signing of Virtus Bologna – and Nikola Jović. Getting to the podium is difficult, but possible. The first competitor is China, Puerto Rico and South Sudan. Americans boast certain basketball traditions and some good names (Ethan Thompson, John Holland): the prospect of second place is up to them. And also because China’s best asset is former Virtucino coach Djordjevic on the bench: 11 out of 12 players play in the domestic championship, the exception being naturalized Kyle Anderson (Minnesota Timberwolves). On the other hand, South Sudan presents a beautiful story of redemption through sport: the national basketball team played its first match in 2011 (the year of the independent republic) and a decade later, thanks to the behind-the-scenes work of two former stars, In the NBA, like Manute Bol and Luol Deng, from forming a competitive team and a good track in friendlies (lost to Iran and Venezuela). Why do you stop dreaming?

Group C

Jordan, Greece, New Zealand, USA – played in the Philippines

Make way for the USA, who missed out on the champions in 2019. Trial training in the smell of the Olympics, many youngsters, no loud names – so to speak: Jalen Brunson in the control room is a luxury for anyone and Paolo Panchero, tested from midfield In a friendly, he might turn into an X-factor. While Anthony Edwards, 34 in the final test against Germany, “is our extra man,” assures Steve Kerr. One of the best coaches in the world: For this team, the USA remains the team to beat. Greece could have played as an outside player, already in the group stage, but a conditional pass is a must given Giannis Antetokounmpo’s injury absence. There will be his brother Thanassis, Papanicolaou’s experience and naturalized walking baskets: good arrows in Dimitrios Etodis’ bow, at least until the quarter-finals. Going further would be half the achievement. The other two teams in Group C are New Zealand, who are promoted (watch out for Yanni Wetzel, mid-Alba Berlin) but still far from the top level, and Jordan, who are yet to win their first match in two editions. world.

d group

Egypt, Lithuania, Mexico and Montenegro – played in the Philippines

The most modest group from a technical point of view. The Lithuanian can take advantage of this to reach the second stage as a seed and concretely aim for a place in the top eight. His golden generation is long gone, but in individual matches Valancionas and his teammates remain a team capable of making anyone struggle, especially under the basket and outside the arc. And behind the Baltics is a struggle between Mexico, Egypt and Montenegro. Compared to the last participation (2014), even the tricolor has lowered its flags (with Gustavo Ion at the helm) and is now in a full transition. The Egyptians are among the most complete African squads, having come after a good friendly win over Georgia but lacking technical direction on the parquet. Instead, what Nikola Vucevic, the Chicago Bulls’ quarterback, represents for the Balkans Bjr Buducnost and La Liga: given the round-robin, the more the better.

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E group

Australia, Finland, Germany and Japan – played in Japan

Iron Quartet. Not so much that there are heavyweights: medalists are unlikely to get out of here. But to balance on paper. Germany came back from an impressive third place at the European Championships and are now aiming for a leap in quality: the Wagner brothers (Orlando Magic), Milan block (Vogtmann and Low) and roster depth all say the cards are in order. And if Dennis Schroeder is more genius than recklessness, you better not find Germans in your path. Australia also tastes like bronze, but Olympic, which finished fourth in 2019: we can repeat ourselves because during these four years the team has grown even more. Without the prima donna, a few champions (Joe Engels and Dante Exum) and most players are now NBA strugglers. One between Japan and Finland will try to act as the third wheel (head-to-head clash on day two). We focus on Scandinavia: physical, young, fatal in transition. And stick to an apparent copy of Lori Markkanen. The Japanese, even the hosts, will only be a bed team. But without Rui Hachimura’s inspiration, it would be tough: who knows what Bushido will have to say about refusing a summon.

F group

Cape Verde, Georgia, Slovenia, Venezuela – played in Japan

Luka Doncic vs Rest of the World. Slovenia will have an easy life – or it will surprise them – against Venezuela, Georgia and Cape Verde. But the real question is: Where will Sekolic’s side arrive? The wooden medal at the last Olympics is still smoldering, Luca is fresh, and has survived the NBA playoff effort, but this time there will be no backing from Goran Dragić, now 37. So the new Slovenia is full of unknowns: no other champions (Nikolic plays for Brescia, Toby for Red Star), a few experienced players, some young talents. But if the right mix is ​​formed, the semi-finals are at hand. look at others. Georgia and Cape Verde are first-time participants in the competition. However, only the Caucasians have a quintet, as they can count on the talent of the NBA’s Joga Petadze and the indestructible Shermadini and Shengelia: variables capable of undermining the experience of the Venezuelans – who are always out in summer friendlies – for a place towards the group. The second stage is in groups.

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G group

Brazil, Ivory Coast, Iran and Spain – they play in Indonesia

there Spain European and world champions, from being a winner, they risk becoming dominant. In AFC, there will be no Ricky Rubio, due to personal issues, but the others that Coach Scariolo has called up are all first choices: from the Hernangomez brothers to the immortal Llull and Fernandez, right down to the potential of new recruits – note Santi Aldama’s name under the scoreboards, Class of 2002 for Memphis grizzlies. To repeat a gold medal would be a masterpiece, and to fail to win a medal would be a forgivable disappointment. And farther back in the hierarchy are volatile Brazil, as well as unknowns Ivory Coast and Iran – the only team to have accepted friendlies against Russia. The green and gold will depend on Reyerino Caboclo and former Lakers player Marcelo Huertas: that might be enough for second place. But the quarter-finals, which he escaped by the basket in 2019, remains an illusion.

group h

Canada, France, Latvia, Lebanon – playing in Indonesia

The group closes the overview France and Canada, the favorites for the World Cup. The Alps under Vincent Collet are a proven blend of sophistication and hate on parquet – Joubert, Fournier, Yapposeli: needless to say more. After years of weakness, the Canadiens look poised for a leap in quality: Around the talent of RJ Barrett (New York Knicks) and Shay Gilgios Alexander (Oklahoma City Thunder) a young squad is shaping up – with a few old foxes here and there, watch Olympia Milan’s Kevin Bangus – and ready To the surprise. Christaps Porzingis’ Latvia will try to get in on the action, but have been off their laurels for some time (5th place at Euro 2017). As for Lebanon, it is difficult to get over appearances. But the beauty of a World Cup just around the corner is that it’s all still to be played.

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