The puppy stares into the washing machine and barks: he can’t believe what he saw | video

The puppy stares into the washing machine and barks: he can’t believe what he saw |  video

The video went viral. The hero of the story is a dog watching the washing machine. what are you looking for

This is one of the pet videos that, in addition to generating fun, also creates a lot of affection in users. The phenomenon that Views and likes on social media are greatly increased by photos or videos featuring your pet In funny situations. Maybe even try giving voice to your cat or dog’s thoughts by including comments at the end.

The dog stares at the washing machine door, but why? – Credits: TikTok –

But since the emergence of Tik Tok, the phenomenon has no limits. There are hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world They post the latest exploits of their pet, dog or cat. Despite the repetitiveness and sometimes predictability of what happens, views are always on the rise.

But be careful not to give too much space to sexy videos. In most cases they are gods forgedor gods Videos made with artificial intelligencewhich, although nice, takes away a large part of the flavor knowing that in reality there is not much difference between the video in question and the video game.

The dog’s reaction to the movement of the washing machine

Much better videos with less dramatic but real actions. Like what we’re about to say. the The hero of our story is the dog, and his partner, or rather antagonist, is the washing machine. The “cap” is unique, since cats are usually attracted to the washing machine and its movement.

The little dog can’t believe what he saw in the washing machine – Credits: Tik Tok –

However, the dog in question has every reason to watch the washing machine with great concern. The device does not contain the clothes of its owners. But his plastic toys. Which really should be washed and sterilized from time to time. The dog can’t see them there, submerged in the water, far away from him. Especially when the spin cycle is running. As soon as he stops, and the little dog sees his toys a step away from him, he starts howling.

@gimmillaro.giuseppe1♬ Original sound – Gimilaro Giuseppe

Then he moves from complaint to action. He watches the bottom of the washing machine, in the vain hope that there will be a hole through which he can emerge and free his toys, his companions in life and adventures, from prison and from the water. Unfortunately, he doesn’t find a way to get through and so he deals with the situation head on. with The howling wolf climbs the washing machine door, trying to get as close as possible to his toys and free them.

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