Romina Bauer, the message that makes all of Italy cry: ‘I’m still waiting for you’

Romina Bauer, the message that makes all of Italy cry: ‘I’m still waiting for you’

Romina Power has always been the property of the Italian public. She is already famous after her first cries as the daughter of two Hollywood and Italian legends who have always had this name which was an act of paternal love towards Rome and Italy. Her smiles are our smiles and her tears are for us too, especially when they remember her.

How many times have we seen her smile? His smile has remained the same over the decades. Since she was still very young, she shot her first films, some alongside the man who would be her husband nearly thirty years ago, to this day. identical. – ​​(Source: Google)

It is always radiant, wherever a guest is welcome. But there are times when that smile disappears Romina Power. The reason is always the same, one and only, the saddest thing that can be for a mother. Almost thirty years ago. One of his letters re-elaborates it, but it’s always tremendously poignant. What pain? What is the pain?

Romina Power, Anniversary Moment

There was a time of pain, a time of unstoppable, unfathomable and cursed. Then followed the time of crying, which at a certain point ceased to appear as well, simply because it was over. Then it was the endless time to wait for the news, for a voice that could kindle the little flame of hope that had not completely disappeared. Long time since then December 31, 1993New Year’s Eve, another really happy new year for the Carisi family.

but in the heart Romina Power In all these years there was no time to resign. In some corners of the world, there is still a strip of land that Ylenia will be able to walk on, even today when she is a woman over 50 years old. Because that’s how Romina Bauer sees it, that’s how she feels within herself. Long live the. One of his posts makes the idea perfect.

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impressive function

The tears may be over, but the post Romina Power It is the center of emotions and feelings. Love, death, smiles, tears, joy, pain, hope and surrender are involved in mother Romina’s embrace of her beloved firstborn. yelenia.

And if the picture has not yet managed to penetrate the soul of the observer, then nothing can be done by reading the caption that accompanies it. “Elenia, my love, I want you to know that your mother is always waiting for you! with my loveA sentence written by the mother, in her mother tongue, in English.

A message that deeply affected everyone who read it. How many times have we seen her smile? But even in this photo he posted, tenderly cuddling the beautiful Ylenia, Romina Power is very serious, almost drowning in sad thoughts. Like those born after December 31, 1993…
(Source: Instagram Romina Power)

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