Rome, capital gains with children thanks to Mo

Rome, capital gains with children thanks to Mo

Minus ten to June 30 doomsday. This is itTime to achieve 28 million capital gains Necessary to comply with the settlement agreement with UEFA. there Rome movesin contact with clubs and agents to be able to sell these players outside Mourinho’s plans consumption to collect cash. Therefore, it is a necessary treasure, in fact, indispensable to avoid having to endure new UEFA sanctions, which have been produced so far by youngsters valued by the Special One. from Tahirovic In Volpato up to make mistake: The young players Jose has focused on in the past two seasons have made multi-millionaires and have so far been the real lifeblood of the outgoing transfer market (Waiting for 30% of the sale of Frattesi). Not to mention last summer’s big coup linked to Felix: Called up by Moe to the first team, the boy showed those qualities that prompted Cremonese to buy him outright for six million plus bonuses. Total capital gains, as well as gains Tahirovic, Volpato and Missouri. For the first two Morgan De Sanctis, then head of the youth sector, spent only 360 thousand euros, and now Pinto will sell them for (at least) 14 million plus bonuses And the percentage on resale. To specify that Volpato, it will be 15% instead for Tahirovic who moved to Ajax for 5 million.

Growth thanks to Mourinho

And brought necessity Mourinho Hunting young spring. Time and time again, the coach attended youth sector games, even on the first team’s spare days, to notice which boy he could take to the greats and start working on him. And so he did not only with the boys already mentioned, but also with various boys Keramitsis (popular in Germany), Majchrzak, Pisilli, Faticanti, Falasca, Cherubini, Silva, Louakima, Pagano (Between call-ups, first-team training and debut) But above all Zalewski e bull. These last two are the real gems that the coach has released in two seasons: he formulated them, evaluated them and studied them carefully. In short, it made them grow and become professional players. And both of them are now not only among the starting players of the team, but also sought after by many Italian and foreign clubs. And if they wanted to, Rome could only solve any summer economic problem by selling them to get i 28 million celebrities And go further.

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So Mourinho’s importance goes beyond the charismatic coach, the interlocutor or the strategist. The Portuguese also invented themselves in this role, The father who makes his “children”, as he defined them over and over again. Even at the expense of some results or performances in the league. «I’m not a stats geek, I don’t google it Mou said a few months ago –. But maybe you can see how many Primavera players have played for me in this year and a half and how many other players have allowed others to play for Roma in the last 10 years. How do we find quality? As children grow ». And they’re all grown up, just think of one of the best players at the end of the season he was POV performs From “The Sick Dog” (another quote by Morenhana) and that Goal at Bayer Leverkusen Who brought the team to Budapest where these children’s tears reached, and the Senators and their coach pampered them. Roma had also found a talent scout in Mourinho, a man crucial to the boys’ growth and economic appreciation. Such that ibanez, Taken from Atalanta for eight million and is now on the market at thirty thanks to his three seasons in yellow and red: the first with Fonseca, the other two with Mourinho Which made him raise a trophy and bring him to the national team. Volpato and Missouri They are preparing a move to Sassuolo: Roma would like more than a total of ten million (plus percentages on resale), thanks to interest from other Italian and foreign clubs in young players (Atalanta and Prime Minister on attack) midfielder, Juventus and Serie B on quarterback). In short, she’s on the rise and Treasure from Youth is another great result from Moe.

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