Inzaghi: “Inter felt right from the start. Scudetto? All open. Eriksen? I hug him”

It was a match not to be underestimated, winning as a great team to put pressure on opponents in the lead up to the Scudetto.

It was a game not to be underestimated, to be won as a great team to put pressure on opponents in the lead up to the tournament. Inter By Simone Inzaghi of Arechi against Salernitana shines again with a dazzling light and hits the target, returning three very important points on the road to the second star. The coach of the Nerazzurri, Simone Inzaghi, is also aware of this, who said in an interview with DAZN after the match:

Everything to lose – “In these matches you have everything to lose. We prepared them well these days, we knew we had to deal with them well right away so as not to give our opponents a chance to strike back. We did what we had to do, we knew we had to play an important match” .

Interior Architect – “Did Ausilio introduce me as an in-house engineer? It obviously pleases me, but as I said, I immediately found an important club that believed in me and my crew and that always supported me. And then I train the players. It showed great availability.”

“my team” – “I felt this team from the start, for how the players welcomed me and the availability they gave me. We lost a few points, but if you think about the matches against Genoa and others, I think this was a team. Champions League, we left some points on the road, but we always believe in them. It’s a long and complicated road.”

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Scudetto competitors – “The Scudetto competitor? One is better than the other. Organized and talented teams with excellent coaches. It will be an open championship until the end.”

a step – “From a few defeats we came out stronger. The defeat against Lazio, for how it arrived, created problems for us. But we started again in the best possible way. Perhaps we took another step.”

Eriksen – “Send him a big hug. Unfortunately I didn’t have the luck to train him. But I know he’s okay, send him good luck.”

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