Roma denies Laporta: There is no change in course in the Premier League. The positions of Inter, Milan and Napoli | Primabagina

Roma denies Laporta: There is no change in course in the Premier League. The positions of Inter, Milan and Napoli |  Primabagina
The words issued by Barcelona president Joan Laporta have sparked debate To the source RAC1, It was announced that four teams from the Italian League were joining the Superleague project It is scheduled to start in the 2025/2026 season at the latest. There is no sign of Juventus, one of the three clubs along with the Blaugrana and Real Madrid, to join the first edition of the new competition, which would conflict with the plans of UEFA, led by Aleksander Ceferin, which in recent months ended its dispute with European football's highest body. Rather, an advertisement Inter, Milan, Napoli and Roma. These are Laporta's statements on the subject: “The Premier League could exist as early as next season, or starting from the 2025/26 season. Whether the English come or not, I don't care.” You make an offer to a club once you get into it, telling them they will earn 100 million, which they don't even earn by winning the Champions League. What clubs can accept now? Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Inter, Milan, Napoli, Roma, Marseille, the Dutch trio, Brugge and Anderlecht. There are 16 or 18 teams… It would be better to have 16 teams. Other clubs can join later.

Note from Rome – However, if during the day Ole was removed from Marseille from France (which later also happened to Feyenoord) in connection with the statements of the Barcelona number one, Roma is the first Italian team to deny this Through an official note stating his commitment to the Premier League project: “As was confirmed publicly a few hours after the ruling of the European Court of Justice on the Premier League case, The Roma Club confirms that it does not support in any way any type of project attributed to the so-called Premier League. The club also made clear that it had never reviewed its position on the matter, nor held meaningful dialogues to take a path other than the inter-club path through the European Club Association, in close cooperation with UEFA and FIFA.

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the others – at the moment No official positions have been taken from the other Italian teams involved, namely Inter, Milan and Napoli, even if the Nerazzurri club have unofficially declared that they are not focusing at all on the Premier League issue, reiterating their loyalty to UEFA and the European Club Association.The association that brings together the most important European clubs. And if Milan has recently remained in the same positions – while recognizing the need to find a way to reform football at international level to increase the club's all-important revenues – Naples' president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, is perhaps the only voice outside the chorus on the issue. Last December 22, in an interview with Corriere dello Sport Following the European Court ruling that deprived UEFA of the right to monopolize the establishment of club competitions, it announced: “The dominant position of UEFA and FIFA, which Europe criticizes today, has been to award rewards for consensus. Those who have ruled so far as monopolists have not understood that football is a business and needs increasing revenues. If I invest hundreds of millions to participate in a circus that distributes peanuts, makes no profit, and forces me to gamble more and more to keep the unproductive cart going, then the game is not worth it. De Laurentiis promoted this concept, hoping to create an elite league in Italy in which only teams representing the most populous and most representative cities in terms of fans would participate.

How it works The Premier League is actually a European club tournament open to 64 teams divided into 3 leagues (Star, Gold and Blue) with a group stage and a direct elimination stage. Without permanent members, but with ups and downs between different leagues, with at least 14 matches guaranteed for each club. This, in brief, is the new Super League proposal officially presented by A22 Sports, the company created specifically to support the new football project.

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